StartUp Is A New WordPress Multipurpose Theme That Uses The Customizer As A Page Builder

StartUp is the latest addition to our WordPress theme collection. The theme is designed to work seamlessly with the free Organic Customizer Widgets plugin for a highly customizable experience within the WordPress customizer. We believe the Customizer (and Gutenberg) are the future of WordPress and theme management. StartUp is a multipurpose theme designed to evolve with the future of the platform.

Highly Customizable Layouts

The layout of any page can be customized using custom widgets as content sections. For instance, if you want a hero image with content at the top of your home page, simply add the hero widget to the page. Do you want a content slideshow instead? Add the content slideshow widget. Want a background video, featured product or pricing tables? Just add the appropriate widgets to the page, and drag and drop them into the desired order. As a result, multiple pages and entire websites can be rapidly created — all of which vary in appearance.

The Organic Builder Widgets Plugin Transforms The WordPress Customizer Into A Page Builder!

We believe most WordPress page builders are fundamentally flawed.

A page builder extends the functionality of WordPress. It allows a user to display and arrange a variety of content types on any page of their website. However, most page builders are highly reliant on shortcodes, custom foreign interfaces and bulky proprietary code that heavily impacts the performance of a website. They often require an extensive learning curve beyond that of basic WordPress usage. Additionally, they are a massive departure from WordPress core and the evolution of the platform. Instead, page builders should be utilizing the Customizer and core features of WordPress.

The Organic Builder Widgets plugin solves these problems. It provides a collection of custom widgets that can be used as content sections on any page within the WordPress Customizer. Best of all, it’s FREE, and designed to work with ANY theme! The result is a fast, easy and free WordPress page builder!

The WordPress Customizer provides users with an intuitive interface for making visual changes to their website in real-time. The creators of WordPress are placing a huge emphasis on the Customizer. It’s the future of designing WordPress websites.

The Free WordPress Portfolio Lite Theme

Update: As of Portfolio Lite v1.3 there have been some minor changes. View this article to see what has changed.

I know what it’s like to pinch pennies after graduating with a BFA. Beginning a career as a freelance artist isn’t easy — or cheap. In order to secure clients, your work really needs to stand out. However, sending potential clients a link to a Deviant Art gallery or Facebook Page doesn’t exactly give a professional impression. That’s why we created the WordPress Portfolio Lite theme. Now you can create that personal portfolio website you’ve been putting off — for free!

Portfolio Lite features a minimal and professional design with the central focus where it needs to be — on the artwork. The theme is responsive, so your artwork will display beautifully on any mobile device. It’s the perfect free website solution for artists, designers, photographers and creatives. If you’re looking for a little more flexibility, options and support, check out our Portfolio Theme.

Within the Portfolio Lite theme, portfolio pages and slideshow galleries can be created with ease. There is no need for any additional plugins or custom post types. Portfolios are simply created using categories, and endless slideshows can be created using the “Gallery Slideshow” page template. Here’s how it works:

Creating Portfolios

Categories display in a portfolio layout.
  1. Navigate to Posts > Add New.
  2. Enter a Post Title.
  3. Apply a Featured Image.
  4. Add Content or an Excerpt describing the work. (optional)
  5. Add or Apply a Category. (i.e. Design)
  6. Publish the post.
  7. Repeat steps 1 through 6 for each portfolio item.
  8. Navigate to Appearance > Menus.
  9. Create a menu and apply it to the Main Menu location, if you haven’t already done so.
  10. Add the Category to the Custom Menu.
  11. Click the Save Menu button.

When clicking the category within your menu, it will take you to a page with all posts of that category displayed in a 3-column portfolio layout.

Creating Slideshows

A page using the Gallery Slideshow page template will display the first WordPress image gallery as a slideshow.

  1. Navigate to Pages > Add New.
  2. Enter a Page Title.
  3. Under Page Attributes on the right, choose the Gallery Slideshow template.
  4. Click the Add Media button.
  5. Click the Create Gallery link on the left.
  6. Upload and/or select the images for your slideshow.
  7. Click the blue Create a new gallery button.
  8. Click the blue Insert gallery button.
  9. Publish the page.

Portfolio Lite is available through Organic Themes or within the WordPress theme directory. The theme has undergone the rigorous review process from the WordPress foundation in order to be accepted into the theme directory. So you can rest assured the code is solid and secure. Additionally, you will receive access to ongoing theme updates. Not bad for a free theme, eh?

There’s no catch. We just want to help feed the starving artists. I was one of them, and I know artists don’t catch many breaks when it comes to the cost of education, student loans and software. If you appreciate the theme, please take a moment to leave us a good theme review here in the WordPress directory.

Purpose 2.0 – Is Your Business Website Still Without Purpose?

The Purpose Theme has received its first major update since its release. We simply improved upon an already great theme. Take a look at the new demo and improvements below.

Enhanced Customizer Experience

The Purpose Theme already utilized the WordPress customizer for theme options. However, we have further extended the functionality by adding new options and partials. So featured sections can be selected and edited within the customizer simply by clicking on them in the preview window. In addition, we have added several more color options to the featured home page sections that update in real-time. Overall, we have improved the customizer experience for a fast and simple theme setup process.

Custom Header Video

Custom header videos were introduced with the release of WordPress 4.7. We have integrated this new functionality into the Purpose Theme. So now you can upload a video of your choosing, or simply paste a link to a YouTube video in order to display a full-width background video header. Do it all within the WordPress customizer to watch the changes take place in real-time!

Starter Content

WordPress 4.7 also introduced starter content as a much needed solution. When new users install a theme on a new WordPress installation for the first time, there has historically been a disconnect between what the users see in the theme demo, and what they see upon first activation. This has always been a disappointing aspect of the user experience that theme developers have tried to address through imperfect solutions such as importing demo content. Starter content is a big step in the right direction to improving this experience.

When activating Purpose on a fresh WordPress installation, enter the customizer to see your site pre-populated with a few example pages, custom menus, sample logo and header. All of the starter content can be used as a guide, and changed quickly and easily within the customizer.

Split Content Page Template

Purpose has a new Split Content page template. The featured image is fixed on the left of the browser window, and your scrolling content displays on the right.

It’s Better All-Around

In addition to the major integrations, we have significantly cleaned up the existing code base. Depreciated code has been removed. Scripts and styles have been updated. New fonts weights and icons have been added. The header has been reworked to use CSS flexbox for a more reliable positioning of the logo and menu. Overall, it’s a huge improvement for new and existing customers.

Give your website Purpose, once again.

Tasteful – A New WordPress Theme For Foodies

Our latest theme was designed with impeccable taste for foodies, chefs and anyone that appreciates the fine art of cooking. The Tasteful Theme was created with food on the brain, but it may have been a symptom of hunger. Because Tasteful is a flexible WordPress theme for any classy website.

Tasteful uses post formats for displaying articles in a variety of layouts. So the appearance of your blog changes dynamically with the use of different formats.

Post formats provide unique layout options for posts.

Theme options in the Tasteful Theme are managed within the WordPress customizer. So you can watch your customizations to the theme take place in real-time. The customizer is core supported by WordPress, and we believe it’s the future of theme management. There are no confusing custom options panels, and the theme is ready to start using immediately out-of-the-box.

Use the WordPress customizer to change theme options.

Tasteful is a responsive WordPress theme. It molds perfectly to any mobile device. In addition, the theme is optimized for high-resolution screens. So your food pictures will look delicious on high-resolution screens. The theme is also compatible with popular plugins. Jetpack, WooCommerce and Gravity Forms all work seamlessly with the theme.

Start sharing your recipes and food experiences with the Tasteful Theme!

The Portfolio Theme v6 — The Best WordPress Theme For Artists and Designers, Again!

The Portfolio Theme has received another overhaul. It’s the sixth major update to our popular theme for artists. We have re-designed and re-developed it from scratch. As a result, the Portfolio Theme is better than ever! It features a more dynamic and responsive layout, and an easier setup process!

As a designer and illustrator, I created the original version of the Portfolio Theme to be used as a personal portfolio for my design and illustration work. Our most popular themes have developed from the desire to fill a personal need, and the latest version of the Portfolio Theme is no different. My personal site was in need of a facelift. So the Portfolio Theme was once again re-built to suit the needs of my personal portfolio and blog.

The new Portfolio Theme is ridiculously easy to use. Portfolio pages are created using categories, and the theme includes page templates for displaying various slideshows. Slideshows are centered vertically and horizontally within the browser window. So your work is always the center of attention. In addition, the theme is compatible with the portfolio custom post type available with the Jetpack plugin. As a result, using Jetpack plugin provides an additional way of adding projects to your site.

As with all Organic Themes, options are managed within the native WordPress customizer. There are no bulky and confusing control panels. Just open the customizer to watch your changes take place in real-time!

Color options abound within the new Portfolio Theme! As with our recently updated Structure Theme, when changing the background color to a darker color — content automatically adjusts to a lighter color. So no matter what color you choose, your content will always be visible!

Content is always visible, even on dark background colors!

Overall, Version 6 of the Portfolio Theme is a simple, minimal and dynamic website solution for anyone in the creative industry. Give your talent the professional presentation it deserves with the latest version of the Portfolio Theme!

Note: This is a major theme update! If you are updating to Version 6 from Version 5 of the theme, the design of your site will be completely different. In addition, you may need to reset options within the WordPress customizer. If you unknowingly updated to this version, and need to revert back to the previous version, please contact us for assistance.

Sideways – A WordPress Theme With A Fresh Perspective

For our latest theme, we took traditional a blog layout, and turned it on it’s side. The Sideways Theme introduces a new style to the Organic Themes collection. It features a unique, split layout. The featured image appears to the left of the window, while your content displays beautifully on the right.

The split layout of the Sideways Theme feels more like reading a book than viewing a website. So the theme has a strong focus on clean typography and legibility. In addition, Sideways is a smart theme. It analyzes the colors of images and backgrounds, and changes the text color on top accordingly to be legible.

Sideways is fully responsive and optimized for high resolution screens. On mobile devices, the layout snaps into a more traditional, single column layout. Also, the theme is compatible with major plugins. So you get all the bonus functionality provided by plugins like WooCommerce, Jetpack, Gravity Forms and more!

Setting up the theme takes a matter of seconds. In fact, it should be ready to go upon activation. However, if you need to make adjustments, the options can be changed in real-time within the WordPress customizer.

Turn your website on its head with the Sideways Theme! Check it out today!

The Nonprofit Website Builder With GivingPress 2.0

Organic Themes has always been passionate about helping nonprofit organizations create their website. We regularly volunteer our time and expertise, and have donated our products to nonprofits for years. Creating WordPress themes is great, but we really want to do more for the world. Launching GivingPress early last year was a natural evolution for our company.

GivingPress 2.0 introduces a new website builder for nonprofits. In addition, we are now offering the GivingPress Pro theme individually, and providing managed WordPress hosting for nonprofits. As we continue to grow, we will offer more child themes and additional products for organizations.

How Did We Create A Nonprofit Website Builder?

We built the nonprofit website builder using WordPress, our powerful GivingPress Pro theme, and a suite of custom developed plugins.

WordPress is easy for most of our theme customers. However, many nonprofits are coming to GivingPress with no prior knowledge of WordPress. The new users found the default WordPress platform to be overwhelming. So with our theme and suite of plugins, we transformed WordPress into a much, much easier experience. We removed the bloat. Take a look:

The default WP admin — yuck!

The GivingPress admin — nice!

In addition to customizing the admin experience, we extended the native WordPress customizer to achieve the nonprofit website builder. We accomplished this using the amazing Customize Posts plugin by Weston Ruter, and some custom plugins and widgets we have personally developed.

We love what Weston is doing with the WordPress customizer, and we believe it’s the future of the platform. Organic Themes has always found it better to work with the direction of WordPress rather than against it. So instead of creating a clunky, proprietary, unsupported website builder — we extended the WordPress customizer. As a result, the GivingPress nonprofit website builder will never become outdated.

A New Theme For Nonprofits

The GivingPress Pro 2.0 theme is a new WordPress theme for nonprofits. The theme integrates seamlessly with the popular Give donation plugin, WooCommerce and Gravity Forms. GivingPress Pro is packed with features. It includes several page templates, custom post types for team members and projects, and custom widgets for displaying various sections throughout your site. The user experience of GivingPress Pro is seamless and simple for anybody to use. Anita Mueller of the Friends of Katahdin Woods & Waters organization had this to say about the theme:

“GivingPress Pro is a really great theme! I cannot tell you how many themes I have abandoned because they were just too complicated.”

We have designed the theme to be highly customizable. Changing the logo, colors, fonts, layout and more can all be accomplished with ease in the WordPress customizer. In addition, the code is impeccable with commenting throughout in case you wish to make more extensive changes. Take a look at the variety of demos we have created using the theme.

Overall, we are extremely excited to provide the GivingPress nonprofit website builder and GivingPress Pro theme to organizations. Our goal is to create an affordable and professional website solution specific to the needs of nonprofits. Check out GivingPress today, and use it to supercharge a cause that you’re passionate about!

Entertainer – A WordPress Theme For Actors, Comedians, Musicians and… Clowns?


Calling all entertainers! The Entertainer WordPress Theme was made for the business like no other business — showbiz! Actors, hosts, comedians, musicians and dancers now have the perfect WordPress theme for showcasing their talents. Even clowns can use this theme — except those creepy clowns popping up at your local grocery store. We like to pretend those guys don’t exist.

Why would Organic Themes create a WordPress theme for entertainers? What do we know about the showbiz industry? A little. Jeff and I attended a visual and performing arts high school in Central Florida. We were nerdy visual arts students. Our days were spent drawing, painting and playing with Adobe Photoshop version 3.0. Occasionally, we were forced to attend a dance recital or the latest performance from the more extrovert half of our high school. So I wouldn’t say we’re experts in entertainment, but we were lucky enough to have been introduced to the performing arts at an early age. However, my little brother, Elliott Morgan, attended that same high school as a thespian. He later moved to the City of Angels, and went on to achieve success in the entertainment industry. Elliott has a comedy special, been the host of several popular YouTube channels, hosted network television shows and has hundreds of thousands of social media followers. When we were hanging out together in L.A. a few weeks ago, I ran the Entertainer Theme past a true expert in the industry. I believe his words were, “Awesome, dude!”

The Entertainer Theme was created with the needs of an entertainer like my brother in mind. It’s a WordPress theme for professionals in showbiz that have a lot going on. The theme utilizes post formats and custom post types for displaying videos, podcasts, tour dates, news and more. The full screen background is perfect for showing off your favorite headshot or band photo. In addition, the theme features 2 social media menus — one in the header and footer. So your fans can quickly connect by subscribing to your YouTube channel or following your Instagram account.

Start using the Entertainer Theme today to promote your talents, and help on your way to stardom!

The Free Structure Theme Returns!

The free Structure Theme was originally released way back in 2009 — eons ago by technology standards. It was the first WordPress theme from Organic Themes, and catapulted the growth of our business.


The original free Structure Theme experienced explosive viral success. It received hundreds of thousands of downloads thanks to the praise and promotion of blogs like Smashing Magazine. We can only hope the new version of Structure experiences such success!

Structure Lite is the latest reincarnation of the theme. We’ve brought it back to life, and we’re giving it away all over again! The theme has been entirely re-structured, featuring an updated minimal design, all new responsive framework and the latest WordPress functionality.

The free Structure theme is currently in the review queue for the theme directory. When the review has completed, Structure Lite will be the 5th free WordPress theme available in the official WordPress theme directory from Organic Themes. We release all free Organic Themes in the WordPress theme directory, ensuring that they are developed to the highest standards, and updates are continually available from the WordPress dashboard.

Structure Lite is a simplified version of the Structure Theme. The simplicity lends itself to an ultra easy setup process within the WordPress customizer. However, Structure Lite doesn’t have many of the page templates, colors, options and additional functionality available in the premium version.

Download Structure Lite now by signing up for the Organic Themes Free Membership on our pricing page, giving you access to all our free themes.

The Updated Structure Theme – A Minimal Multipurpose WordPress Theme!

The WordPress Structure Theme was the first theme ever released by Organic Themes. The popularity of the theme jump-started our company. It featured a minimal design that was cutting edge for WordPress themes of the time. It was particularly popular in art and design circles, and regularly used for online magazines. The updated theme is sure to spark that interest once again!


After the release of Structure v3, the theme went largely untouched for years, other than occasional bug fixes and maintenance updates. The theme received several update requests. Unfortunately, the update kept getting pushed back — until now!

Version 4 of the WordPress Structure Theme stays true to the essence of the original theme, but with an entirely new framework, updated style, code base and flexibility! The new responsive layout is flawless. The minimal design has been been updated to current design trends. The layout is extremely flexible. Optionally display sidebars, the featured content slideshow, header image, site tagline, footer widgets and more on the home page. Structure is perfect for a wide variety of websites, features a timeless design.

All theme options are now located within the WordPress customizer for a fast setup process. One of the coolest new features are the color options. Change the background to a dark or light color, and the text color throughout the theme will automatically adjust to be visible on any background color.

I originally designed and developed the theme over 7 years ago. It holds a special place in my heart. So I really wanted to give the theme the attention it deserved for a major update. I believe I’ve done it justice. Once again, the WordPress Structure Theme is a personal favorite theme of mine. I hope our customers enjoy the update as much as I do!

The New WordPress Color Theme Is Pure Eye Candy!

Have you been looking for a WordPress theme with more color options? The WordPress Color Theme puts the power of color in your hands! Change colors for each page background. Create gradients and animating color transitions. Change the header, footer, links and button colors! This theme features a bold and minimal design with a BIG emphasis on color!


Like all Organic Themes, we have developed the WordPress Color Theme to be intuitive. It works immediately out-of-the-box. There is no time consuming setup process. There are no required plugins. There are no overly complicated and overwhelming options panels. The theme features just the right amount of color options without going overboard. Colors can be changed within the core supported WordPress customizer. Additional custom meta options on each page can be used for creating different color combinations and seamless gradients. In addition, animating background color transitions can be created by adding child pages with different background colors to a parent page. It’s a sweet effect!

We won’t bore you with any more technical mumbo jumbo about the latest WordPress features and functionality. You can learn more about that stuff on the theme page. Just take a look at this cool theme, salivate over the decadent color palette, and give your next website a big splash of Color!

If you’re tired of monotone themes and corporate blue color schemes, give your website a splash of vibrant color!

Add pizazz to your website with the WordPress Color Theme. However, be careful and treat your usage of color with care. Too much color in the wrong hands can be disastrous. Look at the abomination hippies created with tie-die t-shirts! A little color theory goes a long way with this theme. When honing the ultimate power of color wisely, you can create a vibrant website that will be pure eye candy for your visitors!

View Color Theme

Organic Themes Revamped! New Website Design, Pricing and Priority Support.

Organic Themes has a new website, re-structured the pricing, and released a priority support service. Whoa, don’t freak out! These are good things! We’re giving you more for less!

New Pricing

Finally, Organic Themes has introduced a new pricing plan! The new All Themes package provides customers with the option to own our entire theme collection for only $30 more than the cost of a single theme. So check out the updated pricing page, and we’ll explain the changes below.


Single Theme Package – $69/yr

Single Theme pricing will remain the same. However, there are a couple modifications:

  • One website license is included.
  • Design files will no longer be included.
All Themes Package – $99/yr

The All Themes package provides the customer with all existing Organic Themes, as well as future theme releases.

  • Includes all themes available from our site.
  • One website license for each theme.
  • Design files are not included.

If you can’t decide between a few of our WordPress themes, the All Themes package is the perfect solution for you!

Developer Package – $249/yr

The Developer membership is now the only package to feature unlimited website licenses and design files, along with our entire theme collection. The Developer Package now includes all 10 theme versions, as well as any future theme releases from Organic Themes. In addition, the package includes our new Footer Change Plugin, and any future plugin releases.

  • Includes all themes and plugins.
  • Unlimited website licenses for all themes.
  • Includes all 10 theme versions.
  • Includes design files for all themes.

Note: Each pricing package employs a yearly subscription for support, licensing, updates and ongoing maintenance. Our annual subscription has been in place for several years, ensuring that we can continue to provide quality support, updates and new themes to our customers.

Priority Support


Our recent survey provided a wealth of information regarding customer requests for new themes and services. Many of the requests have already been put into development, including Priority Support.

We now offer Priority Support as an option to customers that want more responsive and personalized theme support. Priority Support is provided via a private ticket system, rather than our support forums. As a result, we can track customer purchases and history for a more efficient and personalized experience. Priority Support tickets will be given precedence over questions asked in the forums. The cost is $49 for 30 days, or $199 for a year.

What does this mean for regular support customers?

Nothing. We will continue providing support within the forums to Organic Themes customers with active subscriptions. The support team will be active in the forums from the hours of 9am to 5pm EST, and questions will be answered within 48 hours.

In summary, theme support is now available via 2 channels — the Support Forums and Priority Support. The support forums are available to all paying Organic Themes customers with an active subscription. Priority Support is an optional upgrade for faster response times and a more personalized experience.

New Website

Have you noticed things are looking different at Organic Themes? That’s because we recently updated the website design to reflect the exciting new changes taking place within the company.

We created a better user experience by getting rid of the fluff in the previous design. The new minimal design makes navigation ridiculously simple on a desktop and mobile devices. The account sections have been updated for easier management of downloads and purchases. The theme detail pages feature a fresh new look for showcasing theme information. The entire site is now secured through https, rather than only account and checkout pages. In addition, we removed several scripts, images and simplified the theme code in an attempt to reduce load times.

Overall, we have strived to make information throughout the new website more clear and organized. Making a switch of this scale is a big undertaking, and we don’t want to leave any stone left unturned. So please let us know in the comments below how you like the new website, and if there is anything we can do to further improve the experience.

WordPress For Nonprofit Websites


Organic Themes has had a hand in helping thousands of nonprofit organizations launch their websites with products like our NonProfit and Organization themes. Now we are taking nonprofit websites a step further with our latest venture — GivingPress.

GivingPress is a complete WordPress powered website solution designed for nonprofits. The service features premium cloud hosting, WordPress installation, the custom GivingPress Pro theme, and hand-picked plugins specific to the needs of nonprofit organizations.

Our mission is to provide professional websites for nonprofits that are focused on the good of the world, so they can spend less time managing their website, and more time making a difference. Nonprofits can start customizing their site and accepting secure donations within moments of receiving a GivingPress website.

New Team Member, Jesse Lee!

We’re happy to announce the newest addition to our team here at Organic Themes, Jesse Lee! Jesse comes to us from the island of Maui and will be filling the role of Theme/Plugin Developer.

A former Groupon employee, Jesse comes from a design background. After moving to Maui in 2013, Jesse began to work on web development, honing his skills in PHP, Javascript, HTML, and CSS. He has also authored several WordPress plugins.

  • College: University of Illinois
  • Favorite Movies: Troll 2, The Room, Mac and Me
  • Favorite Magazine: The Onion
  • Hobbies: Photography, Ultimate, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Skateboarding
  • Life Goal: Build own Earthship house

We are super excited to have Jesse on board! He not only shares a passion for design and development, but also a passion for exploration, and making the world a better place.

2016 Organic Themes Survey

Changes are happening at Organic Themes. Good changes. We have started releasing more themes, added new team members, and started development on new and exciting products.

We do it all for you folks! You are the reason we work hard every day, and we’d like to hear from you. What do you want? What are we doing well? What can we do better? Your feedback is valuable, and it means the world to us.

We’ve created a quick, 3 minute survey to help get your input on the future of Organic Themes. When you can, carve out those few minutes and give us your thoughts. As an extra thank you, there’s even a special promo code after you submit your responses 🙂

New Release: WordPress Vacation Rental Theme – Suite


The Suite Theme is a WordPress vacation rental theme for income properties. The theme is an excellent website solution for property managers and real estate agents.

Suite is designed with a clean and modern aesthetic. The traditional layout and clear navigation promote an excellent user experience. The responsive design molds perfectly to any device. Suite is developed to the latest WordPress 4.5 standards. It features the new custom logo option and selective refresh for viewing quick results in the WordPress customizer.

Features Perfect For Vacation Rentals

The theme features all the functionality you need for a rental property website. Each property is showcased using the property page template included with the theme. When a property page is applied as the home page, it will display a slideshow of all your published properties. On single property pages, a slideshow of detail images may be displayed for each property. Each property features a simple booking form that emails reservation requests to the desired recipient. In addition, the theme includes a property listing page for displaying your rentals in a multiple column portfolio layout.


Suite has several customization options for modifying the colors and design of the theme to match your brand. The minimal theme options provide an ultra fast setup time, and don’t overwhelm the user. The lightweight code results in lightning fast load times, so potential customers are less likely to leave your site.

Better SEO, More Bookings

The theme is developed with SEO in mind. It won’t write amazing content for you, but it does make excellent usage of heading tags throughout the theme. Suite is perfect for increasing the Google search rankings of your vacation rental property.

In addition, Suite is compatible with the Organic Shortcodes, WooCommerce, WPML and Gravity Forms plugins. The theme was created using our Origin Theme framework.

Start getting more bookings with a Suite Theme for your rental property website!

New Release: WordPress Starter Theme – Origin


Our latest theme brings us back to the beginning. Origin is a new WordPress starter theme, and marks the beginning of a series of new theme releases from Organic Themes.

Striking the perfect balance for a starter theme is no easy task. We believe a great starter theme should work as a standalone website solution while still being simple to extend. It should have enough styling to look gorgeous on any device without being overly designed. It should support essential plugins without containing code reserved for plugin functionality. It should provide enough options for basic customization without overwhelming the user. It should support all the latest WordPress features. The theme should be nearly impossible to break. It should load at lightning speeds. It should work immediately out-of-the-box. The file structure should be well named and organized. The code and commenting should be clear and concise. We could go on forever regarding the assets of a perfect starter theme…

Organic Themes has created the perfectly balanced starter theme with Origin.

Some starter themes, like Underscores, contain the bare minimum code to constitute a WordPress theme. They cannot stand on their own as a practical website solution without custom development. We believe a starter theme should be able to function as a standalone website solution. A damn good one. This is where Origin differs.

Origin is ready to use immediately upon activation as your website solution. The setup time is practically non-existent. However, should you wish to extend the theme, the code is clear and easy to understand with commenting throughout.

For minimal design lovers, Origin is a dream. The ultra clean layout and use of the beloved “Helvetica Neue” font make it a beautiful solution for any designer. In addition, the theme provides several color options within the WordPress customizer for fast changes to the color scheme.


Origin features compatibility with the Jetpack plugin from Automattic, with support for the portfolio and testimonials custom post types. In addition, the theme works seamlessly with the popular plugins WooCommerce and Gravity Forms.

Origin supports the latest core features from WordPress 4.5, including Custom Logos and selective refreshing for the theme customizer. The responsive design molds to any mobile device, and the theme looks amazing on retina devices. The styles and scripts are lightweight, resulting in ultra fast load times that will help improve your search engine rankings.

Are you tired of bloated themes with overwhelming options panels and confusing code? Go back to the beginning with Origin.

As one of the few premium theme partners for Automattic, Organic Themes are designed and developed to the highest standards in the industry. We have created the Origin Theme using those standards. The result is a rock solid starter theme. Every great WordPress site begins with an Origin Theme. Start your site today!

Introducing The Organic Shortcodes Plugin

The Organic Shortcodes plugin makes it easy to create beautiful buttons, add columns, tabs, toggles, accordions and much more within your content.

Button shortcodes in the Swell Theme.

Organic Themes has included a small set of shortcodes within our WordPress themes for a long time. But to be honest, we never handled it properly. You see, shortcodes are plugin territory. It’s not kosher to build that functionality into themes. Our goal has always been to create lean WordPress themes with no added hormones — the way WordPress intended. Frankly, the shortcodes didn’t belong.

We recently made a round of updates to all of our themes removing any shortcode functions. However, since many of our customers and themes rely on these helpful shortcodes, we created one simple plugin to rule them all. Updating your theme will remove all shortcodes from the theme, but you will be prompted to install the Organic Shortcodes plugin. We recommend doing so. Any existing shortcodes you’ve used with an Organic Theme will work exactly as they have before, and now they will transfer seamlessly among our themes.

Examples of the shortcodes and their usage can be found within any of our theme demos. The plugin is free for all, and can be downloaded here.

How To Create A WordPress Site In 1 Hour

I’m going to show you how to create a WordPress site for your business within an hour, and for less money than it takes to fill the tank in your Toyota Prius.

This tutorial is perfect for new WordPress users creating their first website. It’s also useful for seasoned developers and freelancers who want to produce sites for their clients faster, saving themselves time and earning more money.


As an example, I have built a website for a fictional pet sitting and boarding company called “Patches’ Pets.” I will show you how to create a similar WordPress site using the same set of tools.

I’m going to assume you already have a domain, hosting provider, and WordPress installed on your server. However, if you’re interested in those details, check out our 5 Steps To Creating A WordPress Site.

I’m going to be using and recommending the Natural Lite theme for this tutorial. It’s the same theme that is used on our example site. However, you may use any Organic Theme of your choosing.

Natural Lite is a completely FREE WordPress theme that I created after years of experience designing and developing WordPress themes for Organic Themes and It’s among the best free business themes available today, and currently available for download on our site or within WordPress theme directory.

Now that you have the basic tools, let’s create a WordPress site!