Footer Change Plugin

“Man, those pesky footer credits in free WordPress themes are so annoying! I wish there was a simple way to remove or replace that footer text…”

Now there is! The Footer Change Plugin will allow you to remove or modify the credits and information within the footer for any free themes from Organic Themes. Just install the plugin and replace the footer text with your own information. Tell people you made the theme! We don’t care, as long as you use this sweet plugin to do it!

Edit the footer credits in the customizer.

Get The Plugin

And Remove Those Pesky Footer Credits!

The Footer Change Plugin is a one-time cost of $29. Get rid of that pesky footer text for the price of decent t-shirt!

In addition, purchasing the plugin is a very cool way to show your support for the free themes we develop and maintain at Organic Themes. Get the Footer Change Plugin to be like Fonzie — Cool. Real cool, man.

Compatible Lite Themes:

The Footer Change Plugin is compatible with the following free Organic Themes:

Removing The Credits:

Simply install and activate the plugin. The footer credits are automatically removed upon activation of the plugin.

Replacing The Credits:

  1. Navigate to Appearance > Footer.
  2. Within the Customizer, add the Footer Text, Footer Credit and Footer Credit URL.
  3. Click the blue Save & Publish button.

That’s it! As we say in Maui, “All pau!”

Get The Plugin

And Remove Those Pesky Footer Credits!