A WordPress Page Builder Alternative – Organic Builder Widgets Pro

Page builders have become the standard for creating WordPress websites. They provide a range of design options and flexibility typically unavailable within themes or WordPress itself. However, those options often come at a cost. Not only a monetary cost, but a significant cost of time and performance. As a result, Organic Themes was reluctant to jump into an already saturated market of WordPress page builders.

If we were going to enter the market, it needed to be done the Organic way — Meaning, a clean, simple, and intuitive approach to building pages using existing WordPress tools. That meant analyzing the perceived problems with other builders, and creating an easier alternative. Read More

A Free WordPress Theme For Gutenberg

Embracing Gutenberg

Gutenberg is the controversial new content editor for WordPress. It’s scheduled to release with the upcoming WordPress 5.0 major update. The editor is controversial for a number of reasons, but it boils down to this:

WordPress is the most popular website Content Management System, or CMS. Adding content within WordPress has been roughly the same experience since its release over 15 years ago. Gutenberg changes that experience, entirely. While we think this is a positive step forward for the software, it’s easy to see why this change could ruffle a few feathers.

As for Organic Themes, we have embraced Gutenberg. Since its announcement, we’ve been experimenting with the new editor. First, we developed a free custom block for creating personal profiles, and added it to the WordPress.org plugin repository. Then, we published a popular tutorial, outlining how to build a custom block for Gutenberg. Now, we are releasing a free theme designed to work seamlessly with the Gutenberg editor — the Block Lite theme.

We want WordPress users to embrace the new editor as we have. Our goal is to promote early adoption of the new editor, because it is the future of WordPress. So, we are releasing the free Block Lite theme for Gutenberg.

Not only does the theme work seamlessly with the new editor — it’s also a really cool theme! Read More

5 Easy Steps To Increase The Speed Of Your WordPress Site

Increase WordPress Website Speed

Google has recently taken speed into consideration when ranking websites. So, it’s more important than ever for your WordPress site to be optimized for speedy load times. You have the need. The need for speed.

If your WordPress site uses a multipurpose theme, page builder, eCommerce solution, or other plugins — it’s probably loading a lot of scripts, styles, and images. Each file required by your website takes time to load. That’s valuable time. If it takes too long, you’ll lose visitors, business, and fall in search engine rankings.

Before we jump in, it’s important to understand why your site may be slow to load. The following are the biggest contributing factors to the speed of your website:

  • Image Size
  • Scripts and Styles
  • Caching
  • Hosting

In the case of Organic Themes, our speed was abysmal. It’s a beefy site, and uses multiple robust plugins such as Easy Digital Downloads, bbPress Forums, Restrict Content Pro, etc. Those plugins are necessary for the operation of our business. However, they add a lot of weight. Additionally, our site contains content dating back nearly 10 years. Needless to say, it has a lot of information to load.

In this article, we will outline the 5 simple steps we took to drastically increase the speed of our website. Best of all, these solutions are entirely free. Read More

Adventure 3.0 – A WordPress Theme For Travelers And Adventure Companies

Version 3 of the Adventure Theme has a ton of new features and improvements, and we’re excited to share the updates! Please keep in mind, if you’re upgrading from a previous version you will need to update your theme options.

Adventure Theme Update

Adventure is the perfect WordPress theme for travel blogs and adventure companies. The original design resonated with that culture. So, we held true to that design with this update. As they say, “If ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” While the design changes were subtle, the bigger improvements are under the hood. Read More

Profile 3.0 – A Central Hub For Your Social Media

The Profile Theme has received a major update. We have reconstructed the theme from scratch. As a result, the design, code and options have been drastically improved. The theme is ready for Gutenberg and the future of WordPress.

The Profile Theme is perfect for individuals in need of a professional online presence. Whether you’re an event speaker, consultant, personal trainer, or work within any industry where YOU are the biggest commodity of your business — Profile is designed to meet your needs. It provides your clients with several ways to reach you and connect to your social networks. Read More