Entertainer – A WordPress Theme For Actors, Comedians, Musicians and… Clowns?


Calling all entertainers! The Entertainer WordPress Theme was made for the business that’s like no other business — showbiz! Actors, hosts, comedians, musicians and dancers now have the perfect WordPress theme for showcasing their talents. Even clowns can use this theme — except those creepy clowns popping up at your local grocery store. We like to pretend those guys don’t exist.

Why would Organic Themes create a WordPress theme for entertainers? What do we know about the showbiz industry? A little. Jeff and I attended a visual and performing arts high school in Central Florida — Harrison Arts Center. We were nerdy visual arts students, spending our days drawing and painting. Occasionally, we were forced to attend a dance recital or the latest performance from the more extrovert half of our high school. So I wouldn’t say we’re experts in entertainment by any means. However, my little brother, Elliott Morgan, attended that same high school as a thespian. He later moved to the City of Angels, and went on to achieve success in the entertainment industry. Elliott has a comedy special, been the host of several popular YouTube channels, hosted network television shows and has hundreds of thousands of social media followers. When we were hanging out together in L.A. a few weeks ago, I ran the Entertainer Theme past a true expert in the industry. I believe his words were, “Awesome, dude!”

The Entertainer Theme was created with the needs of an entertainer like my brother in mind. It’s a WordPress theme for professionals in showbiz that have a lot going on. The theme utilizes post formats and custom post types for displaying videos, podcasts, tour dates, news and more. The full screen background is perfect for showing off your favorite headshot or band photo. In addition, the theme features 2 social media menus — one in the header and footer. So your fans can quickly connect by subscribing to your YouTube channel or following your Instagram account.

Start using the Entertainer Theme today to promote your talents, and help on your way to stardom!

The Free Structure Theme Returns!

The free Structure Theme was originally released way back in 2009 — eons ago by technology standards. It was the first WordPress theme from Organic Themes, and catapulted the growth of our business.


The original free Structure Theme experienced explosive viral success. It received hundreds of thousands of downloads thanks to the praise and promotion of blogs like Smashing Magazine. We can only hope the new version of Structure experiences such success!

Structure Lite is the latest reincarnation of the theme. We’ve brought it back to life, and we’re giving it away all over again! The theme has been entirely re-structured, featuring an updated minimal design, all new responsive framework and the latest WordPress functionality.

The free Structure theme is currently in the review queue for the WordPress.org theme directory. When the review has completed, Structure Lite will be the 5th free WordPress theme available in the official WordPress theme directory from Organic Themes. We release all free Organic Themes in the WordPress theme directory, ensuring that they are developed to the highest standards, and updates are continually available from the WordPress dashboard.

Structure Lite is a simplified version of the Structure Theme. The simplicity lends itself to an ultra easy setup process within the WordPress customizer. However, Structure Lite doesn’t have many of the page templates, colors, options and additional functionality available in the premium version.

Download Structure Lite now by signing up for the Organic Themes Free Membership on our pricing page, giving you access to all our free themes.

The Updated Structure Theme – A Minimal Multipurpose WordPress Theme!

The WordPress Structure Theme was the first theme ever released by Organic Themes. The popularity of the theme jump-started our company. It featured a minimal design that was cutting edge for WordPress themes of the time. It was particularly popular in art and design circles, and regularly used for online magazines. The updated theme is sure to spark that interest once again!


After the release of Structure v3, the theme went largely untouched for years, other than occasional bug fixes and maintenance updates. The theme received several update requests. Unfortunately, the update kept getting pushed back — until now!

Version 4 of the WordPress Structure Theme stays true to the essence of the original theme, but with an entirely new framework, updated style, code base and flexibility! The new responsive layout is flawless. The minimal design has been been updated to current design trends. The layout is extremely flexible. Optionally display sidebars, the featured content slideshow, header image, site tagline, footer widgets and more on the home page. Structure is perfect for a wide variety of websites, features a timeless design.

All theme options are now located within the WordPress customizer for a fast setup process. One of the coolest new features are the color options. Change the background to a dark or light color, and the text color throughout the theme will automatically adjust to be visible on any background color.

I originally designed and developed the theme over 7 years ago. It holds a special place in my heart. So I really wanted to give the theme the attention it deserved for a major update. I believe I’ve done it justice. Once again, the WordPress Structure Theme is a personal favorite theme of mine. I hope our customers enjoy the update as much as I do!

The New WordPress Color Theme Is Pure Eye Candy!

Have you been looking for a WordPress theme with more color options? The WordPress Color Theme puts the power of color in your hands! Change colors for each page background. Create gradients and animating color transitions. Change the header, footer, links and button colors! This theme features a bold and minimal design with a BIG emphasis on color!


Like all Organic Themes, we have developed the WordPress Color Theme to be intuitive. It works immediately out-of-the-box. There is no time consuming setup process. There are no required plugins. There are no overly complicated and overwhelming options panels. The theme features just the right amount of color options without going overboard. Colors can be changed within the core supported WordPress customizer. Additional custom meta options on each page can be used for creating different color combinations and seamless gradients. In addition, animating background color transitions can be created by adding child pages with different background colors to a parent page. It’s a sweet effect!

We won’t bore you with any more technical mumbo jumbo about the latest WordPress features and functionality. You can learn more about that stuff on the theme page. Just take a look at this cool theme, salivate over the decadent color palette, and give your next website a big splash of Color!

If you’re tired of monotone themes and corporate blue color schemes, give your website a splash of vibrant color!

Add pizazz to your website with the WordPress Color Theme. However, be careful and treat your usage of color with care. Too much color in the wrong hands can be disastrous. Look at the abomination hippies created with tie-die t-shirts! A little color theory goes a long way with this theme. When honing the ultimate power of color wisely, you can create a vibrant website that will be pure eye candy for your visitors!

View Color Theme

Organic Themes Revamped! New Website Design, Pricing and Priority Support.

Organic Themes has a new website, re-structured the pricing, and released a priority support service. Whoa, don’t freak out! These are good things! We’re giving you more for less!

New Pricing

Finally, Organic Themes has introduced a new pricing plan! The new All Themes package provides customers with the option to own our entire theme collection for only $30 more than the cost of a single theme. So check out the updated pricing page, and we’ll explain the changes below.


Single Theme Package – $69/yr

Single Theme pricing will remain the same. However, there are a couple modifications:

  • One website license is included.
  • Design files will no longer be included.
All Themes Package – $99/yr

The All Themes package provides the customer with all existing Organic Themes, as well as future theme releases.

  • Includes all themes available from our site.
  • One website license for each theme.
  • Design files are not included.

If you can’t decide between a few of our WordPress themes, the All Themes package is the perfect solution for you!

Developer Package – $249/yr

The Developer membership is now the only package to feature unlimited website licenses and design files, along with our entire theme collection. The Developer Package now includes all 10 WordPress.com theme versions, as well as any future WordPress.com theme releases from Organic Themes. In addition, the package includes our new Footer Change Plugin, and any future plugin releases.

  • Includes all themes and plugins.
  • Unlimited website licenses for all themes.
  • Includes all 10 WordPress.com theme versions.
  • Includes design files for all themes.

Note: Each pricing package employs a yearly subscription for support, licensing, updates and ongoing maintenance. Our annual subscription has been in place for several years, ensuring that we can continue to provide quality support, updates and new themes to our customers.

Priority Support


Our recent survey provided a wealth of information regarding customer requests for new themes and services. Many of the requests have already been put into development, including Priority Support.

We now offer Priority Support as an option to customers that want more responsive and personalized theme support. Priority Support is provided via a private ticket system, rather than our support forums. As a result, we can track customer purchases and history for a more efficient and personalized experience. Priority Support tickets will be given precedence over questions asked in the forums. The cost is $49 for 30 days, or $199 for a year.

What does this mean for regular support customers?

Nothing. We will continue providing support within the forums to Organic Themes customers with active subscriptions. The support team will be active in the forums from the hours of 9am to 5pm EST, and questions will be answered within 48 hours.

In summary, theme support is now available via 2 channels — the Support Forums and Priority Support. The support forums are available to all paying Organic Themes customers with an active subscription. Priority Support is an optional upgrade for faster response times and a more personalized experience.

New Website

Have you noticed things are looking different at Organic Themes? That’s because we recently updated the website design to reflect the exciting new changes taking place within the company.

We created a better user experience by getting rid of the fluff in the previous design. The new minimal design makes navigation ridiculously simple on a desktop and mobile devices. The account sections have been updated for easier management of downloads and purchases. The theme detail pages feature a fresh new look for showcasing theme information. The entire site is now secured through https, rather than only account and checkout pages. In addition, we removed several scripts, images and simplified the theme code in an attempt to reduce load times.

Overall, we have strived to make information throughout the new website more clear and organized. Making a switch of this scale is a big undertaking, and we don’t want to leave any stone left unturned. So please let us know in the comments below how you like the new website, and if there is anything we can do to further improve the experience.

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