WordPress Origin Theme

Origin Theme

Origin is the perfect theme for designers and developers — featuring everything you need, and nothing you don’t!

Latest Version 2.11.0
WordPress Version 5+

A great starter theme is the foundation for any good WordPress site. The Origin Theme is a lightweight and minimal starter theme that strikes the perfect balance of design, customizability, and supported features.

Ultra Clean Code

The code for Origin is impeccable. We’ve combed through every line of HTML, PHP, CSS and JS to make sure it’s flawless. Additionally, the theme is regularly run through Theme Check. The theme is a culmination of of all the development knowledge we have obtained over the years from releasing themes in the WordPress.org theme directory and WordPress.com marketplace.

Clear Commenting

Commenting is text added throughout the theme files describing the purpose of various files, functions, and code. It’s important for any developer that plans to modify theme files.

With Origin, we have made sure the commenting is clear and descriptive throughout the theme. Since the theme was developed in the United States, the commenting is written in plain English. So, it’s easy to understand. Additionally, the stylesheet contains a “Table of Contents” that provides organization for easily finding and modifying any CSS.

Latest WordPress Functionality

Origin supports all the latest WordPress core features, including Custom Logos, Header Videos, the Gutenberg editor, and more. The theme is regularly updated to support new WordPress functionality as it’s released in the platform. In addition, Origin supports the Jetpack plugin for enhancing the performance of your website.

Customizer Theme Options

All options for the Origin Theme are added using the WordPress Theme Customization API. There are no bulky custom options panels in random locations of the WordPress admin. Instead, all options are located within the Customizer by navigating to Appearance > Customize > Theme Options. The changes are viewed in real-time within the Customizer interface — as WordPress intended. So, theme setup is fast and simple.

Builder Widgets

Our starter theme works seamlessly with the Organic Builder Widgets plugin. As a result, dynamic layouts and designs can be created on any page. Simply install the plugin, add the page template, and build a beautiful website directly within the WordPress Customizer using a familiar widget interface.

Responsive Framework

Origin features our custom responsive framework. The responsive design looks gorgeous on any mobile device. For web designers, the flexible 16-column CSS grid can be modified to meet your needs within the mobile stylesheet. Additionally, columns and rows can easily be added within the HTML structure of any page. So, child themes are easy to build upon when using Origin as your starter theme.

Lightweight Development

Removing old code is just as important as adding new code. Too much code can significantly impair the performance of your website. So, we continually prune the Origin Theme to make sure there is no excessive code. Additionally, the existing code is evaluated to see if more efficient solutions can be implemented. Also, we keep third party scripts to an absolute minimum so that the theme is not reliant on the work of developers outside our control. The result is a fast, lightweight, efficient starter theme.

Achieving the perfect balance for a starter theme is no easy task. It needs just the right amount of functionality, features, and design — without too much of anything. Like Goldilocks searching for the perfect porridge, Organic Themes has struck that perfect balance with the Origin Theme. If you’re looking for a WordPress starter theme that isn’t overly developed, but with more pizazz than the bare Underscores theme, Origin is just right.

Every great WordPress site begins with an Origin Theme. Trust us, this theme is awesome.

A responsive framework that looks amazing on any scale!
Support for the Jetpack testimonials custom post type.
Support for the Jetpack portfolio custom post type.
Make design changes in real-time with the WordPress customizer!