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One Change

The One Change Service is for the moments when the vision
of your WordPress website exceeds your capabilities.

Some requests are beyond the scope of WordPress theme support. Such changes may require editing theme files or complex style changes beyond what is provided in our support forums. The good news is, we can help with that!

One Change is defined as a basic customization, feature request, or code update for your WordPress website. Please review the “What’s Included” section below to learn more about the service, and whether your request qualifies as “one” change. Consider us your website genie — each change is like a wish for your website that we can grant!

What’s Included

The information below explains the One Change service.
If you have any questions about this service, you may contact us directly.

Modifications & Feature Requests

Each One Change service is a basic modification of your WordPress website files for a single purpose. The service includes editing up to 3 separate WordPress website files, or 1 hour of customization by the Organic Themes development team. If the change involves adding major functionality, and/or editing more than 3 files, and/or involves multiple hours of development, you will be directed to our Customization service instead.

One Change service examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Adding drop-down functionality to a mobile menu.
  • Complex CSS style changes beyond the scope of support.
  • Adding a content slideshow to a specific page.
  • Inserting code in your theme header or footer PHP files.

Each request is charged as a single One Change service. If you make multiple change requests within a single One Change purchase, we will complete the first request, and ask that a new service is purchased for the additional requests.

Updating Deprecated Code

In some cases, users fail to maintain their theme with continual updates. While we encourage maintaining updated theme versions, some users opt out of updates in favor of keeping their older theme versions. Over time, the code in outdated theme versions becomes deprecated and stops working properly. This can occur within many aspects of a website, but it’s usually common among interactive components like your website navigation and slideshows. While continued use of an outdated theme is not ideal, some issues with outdated theme versions can be resolved with a One Change service.

Non-Theme or Plugin Related Errors

There are often errors encountered when managing your WordPress website that are not related to our themes or plugins. Instead, they might be related to a separate plugin, your hosting environment, or an incorrect setting within your WordPress options. In such cases, we can login to your site, troubleshoot the issue, and attempt to resolve it using the One Change service. If the issue is out of our control, we can provide detailed information on how to resolve the issue with your hosting provider or the third-party responsible. If we can’t identify and/or resolve the issue, your service request will be refunded.

How It Works

1. Purchase One Change

Click the button to purchase the One Change service. This is a one-time charge. Each change must be purchased separately.

2. Complete Request Form

Upon purchase, you will be redirected to the One Change Request Form. Please complete the form and provide all the required information to begin the change request. Double check provided logins and passwords to ensure they are correct.

3. All Done!

Within 72 business hours of receiving a change request with the proper information, we will complete the One Change service. We will email you once the service is complete, with a brief outline of the work that was done.

Please Note: If your definition of “One Change” conflicts with our definition defined above, your payment will be refunded, and you will be directed to our Customization service instead.