StartUp Is A New WordPress Multipurpose Theme That Uses The Customizer As A Page Builder

StartUp is the latest addition to our WordPress theme collection. The theme is designed to work seamlessly with the free Organic Customizer Widgets plugin for a highly customizable experience within the WordPress customizer. We believe the Customizer (and Gutenberg) are the future of WordPress and theme management. StartUp is a multipurpose theme designed to evolve with the future of the platform.

Highly Customizable Layouts

The layout of any page can be customized using custom widgets as content sections. For instance, if you want a hero image with content at the top of your home page, simply add the hero widget to the page. Do you want a content slideshow instead? Add the content slideshow widget. Want a background video, featured product or pricing tables? Just add the appropriate widgets to the page, and drag and drop them into the desired order. As a result, multiple pages and entire websites can be rapidly created — all of which vary in appearance.

How To Build A Custom Page

Creating a custom page is simple. First, you’ll need to make sure the Organic Customizer Widgets plugin is active. Next, follow these basic steps:

  1. Navigate to Pages > Add New in the WordPress admin.
  2. Within the Page Attributes section, select the “Organic Custom” page template.
  3. Publish the page.
  4. Click the blue Customize Page button.
  5. Within the Customizer, click the “Add a Widget” button.
  6. Choose an Organic Widget, and set the options.
Customizer Widget Examples

The Organic Customizer Widgets plugin includes 12 custom widgets that can be used with the StartUp Theme. Additionally, core widgets can be added as a section to any custom page.

1. Hero Widget

The hero widget displays a full browser height section with featured content, buttons and a background color, image or video.

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2. Content Slideshow Widget

The content slideshow widget displays a selected category of posts in a slideshow.

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3. Blog Widget

The blog widget displays a selected category of posts within a set number of columns.

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4. Feature List Widget

The feature list widget displays a group of featured items with an icon in set number of columns.

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5. Testimonials Widget

The testimonials widget displays a selected category of posts or the Jetpack testimonial custom post type within a slideshow.

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6. Portfolio Widget

The portfolio slideshow widget displays the featured images and post titles from a selected category of posts or the Jetpack portfolio custom post type within a seamless masonry layout.

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7. Subpage Widget

The subpage widget displays the content from an existing selected page.

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8. Team Widget

The team widget displays a selected category of posts in a multiple column team layout.

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9. Featured Content Widget

The featured content widget displays custom content and an image. It is a groupable widget, meaning it can be added next to other widgets of the same type to form a single section.

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10. Profile Widget

The profile widget displays an individual profile with an image, title, description and social media links. It is a groupable widget, meaning it can be added next to other widgets of the same type to form a single section.

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11. Pricing Table Widget

The pricing table widget displays a table of features with a purchase button. It is a groupable widget, meaning it can be added next to other widgets of the same type to form a single section.

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12. Featured Product Widget

The featured product widget displays a product image with a title, description and purchase links.

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Learn more about using Customizer Widgets with the StartUp Theme from watching our demo video.

Further Theme Customization

Beyond the use of custom widgets, customization for the StartUp Theme can be taken to the next level within the customizer. We have seamlessly integrated several theme options into the WordPress customizer. As a result, you can watch changes to your website take place in real-time.

Logo and Title

In addition to being able to add a custom logo with ease, you can also change the alignment of the logo and site title. Also, we have included hand selected Google fonts to choose from for the site title.


The theme features essential color options for the background, header, footer, links and more. View color changes in real-time within the customizer. When dark background colors are chosen, the text color on top automatically changes to a lighter color. So your content will always be visible, no matter what colors you choose.

Header Position

StartUp features unique custom options for the header position and display. Choose from a custom color for the header background, or a transparent background. A header with a transparent background will automatically display with light text on dark backgrounds, and vice-versa. Additionally, the header can be set as fixed or static or static position. Meaning, the navigation will always be visible at the top, or scroll with the rest of the content. If that wasn’t enough, the entire position of the header can be moved to the left or right side of the site in a vertical column.

Font Pairings

StartUp is the first of our themes to introduce font pairing options for the headings and body text. We have hand picked the best Google font pairings, and provided the option to choose from them within the customizer theme options. As a result, fonts can be changed quickly and easily. Additionally, there is no need to fumble through endless poorly designed or illegible fonts. The available font pairings have been selected for optimal legibility and design.

Our Partnership With Mojo

Organic Themes has partnered with the good folks at Mojo Marketplace for the release of the StartUp Theme. Mojo Marketplace is a community of professionals that provide digital products and services for creating awesome websites. They are an excellent resource for users planning to start a website, and a fantastic marketplace for designers and developers to sell their products and services. Learn more about Mojo here.

Support and Resources

A purchase of the StartUp Theme grants you access to the basic support forums and theme documentation.

Start your next website with the StartUp Theme — a multipurpose WordPress customizer theme!

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