Builders are out.

Blocks are in.

The future of WordPress is here. STAX is a premium block theme for the full-site editor. Building a website has never been easier. Get stacking!


Are made for stacking.

The Organic Blocks plugin is a collection of 20 premium blocks for creating custom content types. Each block is highly customizable, and designed to work with any WordPress block theme or classic Gutenberg optimized theme. Create content slideshows, client testimonials, team profiles, portfolios, toggles, and more!

Click each block to view a demo.

+ Blocks =


The STAX Theme and Organic Blocks plugin are a dynamic duo. When used together,
you can create amazing WordPress websites within the full-site editor.


WooCommerce Themes

Organic Themes is partnered with WooCommerce — the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress.
Our WooCommerce Themes are designed to work flawlessly with the platform.

Gutenberg Themes

Organic Themes are optimized for the WordPress block editor.

WordPress Services

Organic Themes provides a variety of services to save you time and help you get started.



The best WordPress hosting at an affordable cost.

Organic Hosting is optimized for Organic Themes, WordPress, and WooCommerce.

One Change


For the times you want to go just a step further.

Our One Change service is available for changes that exceed the scope of support.

Theme Setup


We’ll setup your theme exactly like the demo.

Our Theme Setup service saves valuable time, so you can start on the important bits.

Founded On Maui

Organic Themes was founded on the Hawaiian island of Maui in 2009.
Today, we continue to create our products with aloha.

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Happy Customers

Organic Themes has been providing amazing WordPress products, services, and support since 2009.
But don’t take our word for it! Check out what our customers have said!

  • This is a natural fit for WordPress. It’s one of the best new plugins I have explored recently. You gotta take this one out for a test drive because I can talk about it all day, but once you get aboard and punch the peddle, you’re gonna love this one!

    Erik Blair

  • Thanks so much, Emily. You and the rest of the Support team and the beautiful themes are why I have been an Organic Themes’ customer since 2012. I’m honored to have my site on your Showcase pages. I couldn’t have done it without you!

    Nancy McKeithen

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  • I’ve enjoyed the ease of Organic Themes so much I sort of dread having to use other theme[s].

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    Beth Hobson

  • Thank you for being on the market. I love Organic themes: the goal, the mission, the originality, the “aloha” essence. I’ve used the themes on so many of my sites. I hope you all keep steam!

    Ikra Javed

  • I am so glad to be part of UpKeep. I reached out because I didn’t realize that I needed to update the plugins on my 5 websites (technology is a foreign language to me). I found and bought your service package after I discovered that each of my websites were broken because I had not …

    David Pasikov

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