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Builder Widgets 2.0 – A Bigger, Better, Faster WordPress Page Builder

We’re excited to announce the release of Builder Widgets Pro 2.0! We have vastly improved the premium version of the Builder Widgets plugin. The update includes 8 new widgets, additional options, and better performance.

Before I dig into the details, I’ll share a brief history of the plugin. If you’re already familiar with the plugin, skip ahead to the new features in 2.0.

Buy Builder Widgets Pro 2.0 | $39/yr

An Updated Theme For Photographers

Photographer Theme Home Slideshow

The Photographer Theme has always been a popular choice among professional photographers planning to create a WordPress portfolio website. So, we were careful to make sure it didn’t lose its original appeal with a major theme update. Instead, we implemented several improvements suggested by our customers.

The Problem With Most Photography Themes

Many WordPress photography themes suffer from a number of pitfalls:

  1. Full-browser width images that lose quality on large screens and retina devices.
  2. Large images that take considerable time to load, losing the interest of prospective clients.
  3. Flashy design elements and animation that distract viewers from the work.
  4. Website navigation that is difficult to locate and use.

We sought to avoid these mistakes with the Photographer Theme. The recent update is no exception. Instead, the theme features a minimal design with a focus on the photography.

Design Assets For Building Custom Blocks

Scouring the web, we were unable to find many WordPress block design assets. So, we created our own. Organic Themes is proud to provide these assets to help aid the block design process.

Creating a custom block for the WordPress 5 editor is easier with a good design mockup. Working through the design process will refine the user experience of your block. It will help you think about it in practical, step-by-step terms. Additionally, a design mockup will save a LOT of communication and guesswork for your WordPress block developer.

The design files are provided in the PSD and PDF formats for maximum compatibility. Now, let’s explain their contents.

The Widget Area Block Is Now Included With The Builder Widgets Plugin

Builder Widgets are awesome! They’re extremely useful for creating dynamic content sections on any page, such as featured content slideshows, testimonial sliders, pricing tables, portfolios, and more.

The plugin is perfect for building custom home page designs, one-pagers, or adding extra pizazz to any page on your website. Best of all, it’s a lightweight page builder solution that utilizes the existing power of WordPress. There are no bulky proprietary interfaces. There is no departure from the WordPress experience. Suffice it to say, it’s an “organic” page building solution.

Don’t take our word for it. Check out the plugin’s glowing reviews.

But what if you want to use Builder Widgets with Gutenberg Blocks? Well, now you can!

A Better WordPress Theme For Organizations

Organic Themes has been volunteering WordPress expertise to non-profit organizations for years. The latest NonProfit Theme update is the culmination of that experience. It’s the most versatile and powerful WordPress theme available for non-profit organizations.

In the following article, we will highlight the features that make the NonProfit Theme the best choice for you organization’s website.

A Custom Block For Registering Widget Areas

The Widget Area Block from Organic Themes registers a new widget area within any page or post. So, now your favorite widgets can be added along side blocks within the Gutenberg editor. Best of all, it’s totally free!

There are thousands of useful widgets within the WordPress plugin directory. Widgets serve a wide variety of purposes. However, they are usually restricted to sidebars and footers, and cannot be added within the page and post editor — until now!

Using the new block, you can register multiple widget areas on any page or post within the WordPress 5 block editor. This is particularly powerful when used along side our Builder Widgets plugin.

A WordPress Gaming Theme For Guilds And Game Developers

The founders of Organic Themes have a long history with video games. So, it’s about time we released a WordPress theme for the gaming community. The Gamer Theme is designed to appeal to gamers and game developers alike.

In high school, Jeff and I played Warcraft II over a 56k modem, and GoldenEye: 007 on a Nintendo 64 among friends (Proximity mines only, of course).

In college, our roommates and us had many intense gaming nights gathered around the GameCube playing Mario Kart.

We even built our theme business in-between Starcraft II breaks.

These days, we play the indie strategy game Northgard long-distance to end the work week.

Gaming is an important part of our work and lives. At its best, gaming inspires healthy competition, team work, creativity, curiosity, and strategic thinking. Additionally, it keeps our long standing friendship from being fully consumed by operating a business together.

Profile Lite – A Free Theme For Personal Websites

We launched another free theme within the WordPress.org theme directory. The Profile Lite theme is designed a to be professional representation of yourself online. It features a modern and responsive design, social media options, and works seamlessly with the WordPress 5 Gutenberg content editor.

Additionally, Profile Lite is designed to work with Organic Builder Widgets for creating dynamic pages. As a result, you can display client testimonials, slideshows, products, and more using our popular builder plugin.

Getting started with the Profile Lite theme is fast and easy. All options are located within the WordPress Customizer. So, you can view your changes in real-time.

Okay, let’s begin!