Build An Awesome Website With Structure

Structure Lite is a free WordPress Theme that utilizes the free Organic Customizer Widgets plugin to transform the Customizer into a page builder.


Use the WordPress Customizer to make changes to your theme in real-time.


Widgets can be used to build pages with dynamic content in the Customizer.


Your theme will display beautifully across all mobile devices.


The minimal design makes Structure suitable for a wide variety of needs.


A pixel perfect minimal design that any designer can appreciate.


People are saying great things about Structure Lite!

  • Wow! This is such a great product! I can’t say enough great things about the people that made it! It’s changed the way I do business forever.

    Charlene Hamilton

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    John Dawson

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    Amelia Morgan

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    Gerald Gardner

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    Gerry Moore

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    Sara Wu

  • “I love this theme! It’s the perfect solution for my website!”

    Frank Williams

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    Amanda Bloom

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