Advantages Of Using Builder Widgets

It's true, there are other WordPress page builders out there.
Here's what makes Organic Builder Widgets different.


Familiar User Experience

Rather than creating a user experience that is a significant departure from WordPress, Organic Builder Widgets uses the familiar tools of widgets and the WordPress customizer interface. The result is a logical, familiar experience that saves you the time and energy of having to learn new software. If you know WordPress, you'll know Organic Builder Widgets.


Theme & Plugin Compatibility

One of the primary pitfalls of most WordPress page builders is their failure to play well with others. They often produce errors and conflicts when activated along side other popular plugins like WooCommerce, Jetpack, Gravity Forms, or Easy Digital Downloads. Since Organic Builder Widgets utilizes core WordPress tools and functionality, conflicts are highly unlikely.


Real-Time Preview

Since pages are crafted within the WordPress customizer, you can see exactly how your page will appear before publishing. There are no wireframes within wireframes, no going back and forth between browser tabs and refreshing changes, and no confusing guess work involved. What you see is what you get.


Fast Build Process

Too many options can be overwhelming, and lead to paralysis by choice. The result can negatively impact productivity. Organic Builder Widgets options have been purposefully simplified to increase speed and productivity. Widgets look great out-of-the-box, and adapt to the styles of your active theme.

It Looks Like WordPress,
Because It Is WordPress

Organic Builder Widgets are designed to work within the native WordPress customizer. As a result, there is no added learning curve for using the plugin. Build dynamic pages in real-time within a familiar interface.

16 Types Of Page Sections

Organic Builder Widgets Pro includes 16 custom widgets. Additionally, WordPress core widgets and popular third-party plugin widgets can be used to build pages.

Hero Widget

A full browser height section with featured text and a call to action.

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Blog Widget

Display a section of blog posts from any category in a chosen layout.

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Content Slideshow

A full width slideshow of featured posts with background images.

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Feature List

A list of features with icons displayed in multiple column layouts.

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Portfolio Widget

A section of posts displayed as portfolio images in a masonry layout.

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Subpage Widget

Display existing page content as a section within another page.

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Team Members

A section of team members from a selected post category.

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Testimonials Slideshow

A slideshow of client testimonials from a selected category.

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Profile Widget

A personal profile widget with an image, bio and social media links.

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Pricing Tables

Create a section of pricing tables with a featured list and link to purchase.

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Custom Content

Custom content widgets that can be grouped together into a section.

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Featured Product

A featured product image with a custom link and description.

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Business Info

Pro Widget

Display a section with business hours, location, and contact information.

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Events Widget

Pro Widget

A list of events that displays the date, time, location, venue, and links.

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Image Slideshow

Pro Widget

A full width image slideshow section with optional text and links.

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Split Content

Pro Widget

A section with content on one side and an image on the other.

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So, How Does It Work?

It's simple. Upon activation of the plugin, you will be provided with the "Organic Custom" page template. Apply the page template to any page, and you will be directed to the WordPress customizer. There, you can add and configure the Builder Widgets of your choice on the page. Watch the video to learn more.

The Free Version Is Great!
Why Should I Upgrade To Pro?

There are several reasons to consider upgrading to Organic Builder Widgets Pro.

More Widgets

In addition to the 12 free widgets, Organic Builder Widgets Pro includes 4 New Premium Widgets — The Events Widget, Business Info Widget, Image Slideshow Widget, and Split Content Widget.

More Options

The Pro Version includes options to change Fonts, Layouts, Visibility, and more for each widget. Additionally, existing widgets have new options for Filterable Portfolios, Blog Pagination, Scalable Images, Additional Icons, and much more.

Plugin Compatibility

Organic Builder Widgets Pro includes styles and compatibility for widgets from popular plugins like WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, Easy Digital Downloads, and more. Additionally, core WordPress widgets are designed to work with the plugin.

Awesome Support

Organic Themes is a small business of family and friends founded on the island of Maui. We maintain a high standard of personalized support while keeping our customers happy and stoked.

Ongoing Updates

In addition to general plugin maintanence, we continually update Organic Builder Widgets Pro with new features, options, and widgets. Upgrading provides ongoing access to the latest plugin features and functionality.

Gamer Theme

All your base are belong to us.

Gamer Theme

All your base are belong to us.

Or View Themes

A Builder That Works With
Virtually Any WordPress Theme

Organic Builder Widgets work with virtually any WordPress theme, but not all themes are created equal. Organic Themes are designed to work seamlessly with Builder Widgets to create beautiful websites.

Purchase Builder Widgets Pro

The Organic Builder Widgets Pro plugin is available for only $39/yr. That includes a single license, support, and updates. However, the plugin is also included with our All Access and Developer Memberships. View our Pricing Page to learn more.