The StartUp Theme from Organic Themes utilizes custom widgets and the core WordPress Customizer as a page builder. Use widgets as content sections on any page to build dynamic websites — fast.


The StartUp Theme allows you to build dynamic websites faster than ever before!

Widget Powered

The StartUp Theme utilizes custom widgets as content sections that can be used to build your pages.

WordPress Customizer

The StartUp Theme effectively renders the native WordPress Customizer as a page builder.

Lightning Fast

Customizer changes are viewed in real-time. So you know exactly what your site will look like.

Fully Responsive

The StartUp Theme is designed to display beautifully on any mobile or desktop device.

Widgets Are For More Than The Sidebar

The StartUp Theme and the Organic Customizer Widgets plugin makes use of widgets in a whole new way. Now, you can add widgets to ANY page as different types of content sections. Arrange the order of the sections by dragging and dropping your widgets into position. Widgets are native to WordPress and work seamlessly within the Customizer. So, you don’t need to worry about the functionality of your website becoming obsolete or outdated.

Custom Widgets

The Organic Builder Widgets plugin provides a collection of custom widgets that can be used to add dynamic content sections on any page within the WordPress Customizer.


A full browser height section with featured text and a call to action.

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Display a section of blog posts from any category in a chosen layout.

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Content Slideshow

A full width slideshow of featured posts with background images.

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Feature List

A list of features with icons displayed in multiple column layouts.

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A section of posts displayed as portfolio images in a masonry layout.

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Display any page content as a section within another page or use custom content.

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A section of team members from a selected post category.

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A slideshow of testimonials from a selected category or custom post type.

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A personal profile widget with an image, bio and social media links.

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Create a section of pricing tables with a featured list and link to purchase.

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A WordPress Theme Designed For Building Pages In The Customizer

The StartUp Theme is unique from other WordPress page builders and multi-purpose themes because it utilizes the core WordPress Customizer. Other WordPress website builders are reliant on shortcodes and bulky proprietary solutions that heavily impact the performance and speed of your website. By using the Customizer, the StartUp Theme is faster, more stable, and uses a familiar interface.

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The Hero Widget in the Customizer.

“People” Like It!

This is an example of the Organic Testimonials widget.

  • Some people say that because I’m named after a Snoopy character, that in fact I’m not cool. They’re wrong though, it makes me way cooler.

    Joe Cool

  • WordPress themes are, like, really hard sometimes. But not the StartUp Theme! I like, like it because it’s SO easy!

    Julie Andrews

  • I’m only a little dog, but if I had opposable thumbs and needed a website to show off my tricks, I would use the StartUp Theme! Bork bork!


  • Wow! This theme is so easy to use! I built a website for my small business within a matter of minutes using the StartUp Theme!

    Emily Mathews

  • I love the StartUp Theme! I’m able to build client websites so much faster, and the integration with the WordPress Customizer is seamless!

    David Morgan

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Brands Using StartUp

Brands Using StartUp