A Better WordPress Theme For Organizations

Accept donations, showcase your team, and sell products to fund your organization. The latest NonProfit Theme is highly customizable and easy to use.

Organic Themes has been volunteering WordPress expertise to non-profit organizations for years. The latest NonProfit Theme update is the culmination of that experience. It’s the most versatile and powerful WordPress theme available for non-profit organizations.

In the following article, we will highlight the features that make the NonProfit Theme the best choice for you organization’s website.

Give WP Donation Plugin Integration

Donations are the life blood of most organizations. Whether you’re the pastor of a church accepting tithes from your congregation, or an environmental organization trying to make a positive impact on the world, one thing is certain. The support of others is necessary for your organization to thrive.

As a result, your non-profit website needs the capability to accept donations online. Sure, you can use a third-party service, or even a PayPal donation button. However, there is no better solution than accepting donations and managing donors directly through your website.

The NonProfit Theme integrates seamlessly with the popular Give WP plugin.

The theme showcases a custom Give donation form front and center on the home page. Additionally, donation archive templates display multiple donation forms. As a result, there’s no limit to receiving donations for various causes on your website. If that wasn’t enough, create fundraisers and recurring donation forms using the NonProfit Theme with the Give WP plugin.

The Give donation form blends in perfectly with the theme design. Additionally, it features a large call-to-action button, prompting visitors to take notice.

Upgraded Content Slideshow

Version 6+ of the NonProfit Theme features a new content slideshow. Each slide is added using the slideshow custom post type. As a result, more control and options are provided for each slide.

Slide options included with the theme update.
Content Display and Position

It’s frustrating to find the perfect image for your slide, only to have the content positioned directly on top of the image focal point. The slide options available with the latest NonProfit Theme solve this problem. Now, you can change the content position on the slide, or hide it altogether.

Alternate Slide Links

Typically, WordPress links direct visitors to the full content for that particular post or page. However, when it comes to a featured content slideshow, you may want each slide to link to a different location altogether. For instance, a donation form or another website. Or, you may not want the slide to link anywhere at all.

With the NonProfit Theme, custom links can be added for each slide. Additionally, each button link can display custom text. So, you can direct visitors to the location you want them to go.

Video Slides

The new slideshow provides the ability to display a featured video with content, or a background video behind your content. As a result, each slide can be diverse and dynamic — grabbing the attention of potential donors.

Team Custom Post Type

It’s important to recognize the employees and volunteers that contribute to your organization. Fortunately, it’s easy to give credit where it’s due using the NonProfit Theme.

The theme includes a custom post type for adding individual team members. Display the position, profile, contact information, and social media links for each member of your team.

Builder Widgets

The NonProfit Theme is fully compatible with the Builder Widgets plugin. Plus, the theme includes 4 additional custom widgets for displaying content unique to the theme — such as your team members. As a result, dynamic content and layouts can be created on any page.

The blog widget from Builder Widgets Pro.

WooCommerce Compatibility

Donations are crucial for funding your organization. However, selling products online is another way to keep your non-profit well funded. Consequently, the NonProfit Theme features full compatibility with WooCommerce. It’s the most powerful e-commerce solution available for WordPress.

Creating an online shop for your organization is simple using the NonProfit Theme.

A Customized Customizer

Managing a website can be time consuming. That’s why we provide services like Site Shield. While it does take time, it shouldn’t be difficult. So, we made the NonProfit Theme setup process simple for even most technologically challenged users.

We have gone the extra mile by customizing the WordPress Customizer experience. All options have been logically organized and categorized. Plus, icons have been added to help guide the user through the setup process. As a result, it’s simple to navigate the theme setup process.

The NonProfit Theme is highly customizable. It’s simple to add your organization’s logo, change the color scheme, and even the layout.

Accept donations, sell products, showcase your team, and make your organization stand out using the NonProfit Theme!

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