The Widget Area Block Is Now Included With The Builder Widgets Plugin

Create widget areas within the Gutenberg block editor.

Builder Widgets are awesome! They’re extremely useful for creating dynamic content sections on any page, such as featured content slideshows, testimonial sliders, pricing tables, portfolios, and more.

The plugin is perfect for building custom home page designs, one-pagers, or adding extra pizazz to any page on your website. Best of all, it’s a lightweight page builder solution that utilizes the existing power of WordPress. There are no bulky proprietary interfaces. There is no departure from the WordPress experience. Suffice it to say, it’s an “organic” page building solution.

Don’t take our word for it. Check out the plugin’s glowing reviews.

But what if you want to use Builder Widgets with Gutenberg Blocks? Well, now you can!

Registering Widget Areas With A Page Template

Widgets are added within a widget area. Until recently, widget areas were registered by your theme or using the “Organic Custom” page template included with the Builder Widgets plugin. Assigning the template registers the entire page as a new widget area. Then, users can add endless widgets to the page directly within the WordPress Customizer.

However, requiring the use of a page template to register widget areas has some limitations. For instance, what if you want to use widgets on posts instead of pages? What if you want to use traditional widgets together with Gutenberg blocks?

Those options are simply not possible using a page template.

So, we developed the Widget Area Block.

Registering Widget Areas With Blocks

The Widget Area Block registers new widget areas within any post or page using the block editor. It opens up a world of possibilities for using widgets and blocks within the same content.

Create as many widget areas as you want. Move the position and placement of those widgets directly within the WordPress block editor.

Get The Widget Area Block

We have recently updated the free and premium versions of the Builder Widgets plugin to include the Widget Area Block. Additionally, the block is available separately within the WordPress plugin directory here.

Simply install or update the Builder Widgets plugin, or install the Widget Area Block plugin individually. Then, begin adding widgets directly within your WordPress content!

You can learn more about the Widget Area Block and how to use it here.

Now, widgets and blocks can live together harmoniously.

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