The Block Theme – A New Theme Created Using Gutenberg Blocks

The new Block Theme features a clean, responsive design in a seamless block grid layout. Additionally, the demo content has been created entirely using WordPress Gutenberg blocks.

Block Theme

What Are Gutenberg Blocks?

In case you haven’t heard, Gutenberg is the name of the new content editor for WordPress. Currently, the editor is available as a plugin. Soon, it will be integrated into core.

Gutenberg Blocks
A paragraph block with options.

Using the Gutenberg editor, content is added in the form of “blocks”. The blocks are used to display a wide variety of content types such as text, quotes, images, video, audio, embeds, etc. Each block features it’s own set of options for changing font sizes, colors, alignment, and more. Additionally, blocks can be placed into columns and quickly arranged into your desired order. Essentially, Gutenberg evolves the WordPress content editor into a page builder.

With this significant change to WordPress on the horizon, we wanted to build a theme alongside the development of Gutenberg. So, we set out to create the Block Theme, and thoroughly tested Gutenberg blocks with the new theme.

Why Use Gutenberg Blocks?

As of now, blocks are optional. Additionally, they require the Gutenberg plugin to use. However, soon blocks will be the standard way of adding content within WordPress. So, it’s a good idea to begin familiarizing yourself with the new editor and the blocks that are currently available.

Additionally, blocks allow for more versatility in the display of content within a WordPress theme. They provide the opportunity to create unique layouts and designs from one post to the next. Using blocks will really make the content on your website pop!

Will the Block Theme work without Gutenberg?

Absolutely. Although the demo content was created using Gutenberg blocks, the Block Theme will work just as well using the classic WordPress editor.

Features Of The Block Theme

The integration of Gutenberg will simplify the development requirements for WordPress themes — and we love simplicity! Blocks reduce the need for several page templates, custom post types, post formats, and other relics of the old WordPress editor. So, we left that stuff out of the Block Theme. Only a few simple page templates are included, and there are no custom post types or post formats. The result is a beautiful theme that is ridiculously simple to setup and use.

Theme Options

As with all Organic Themes, options are located within the WordPress customizer. So, changes made to the theme can be viewed in real-time. The options include the ability to change colors, fonts, and basic settings. The Block Theme can be setup within moments of activation.

Plugin Compatibility

The theme is compatible with popular plugins such as WooCommerce, Jetpack, and Gravity Forms. In fact, the WooCommerce integration has been drastically improved with the release of the Block Theme. So, adding an online shop to is a piece of cake!

WooCommerce Shop
Add a shop to the Block Theme!
Customizer Widgets

Organic Customizer Widgets work beautifully within the Block Theme. This revolutionary plugin from Organic Themes transforms the WordPress customizer into a page builder using custom widgets. As a result, you can create dynamic pages displaying featured content slideshows, client testimonials, team members, featured subpages, and much more!

The Block Theme is a solid addition to our theme collection. Purchase the theme today for use on your website, or buy the All Themes Membership to receive this new theme along with all other Organic Themes.

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