A Custom Profile Block For Gutenberg

We have released our first custom block for Gutenberg within the WordPress plugin directory. The Organic Profile Block is among the first custom block plugins available for the new WordPress content editor.

Custom Block Plugin Gutenberg

Display Personal Profiles, Team Pages and More

The Organic Profile Block displays a personal profile image, along with a name, title, biography and social media links. We have outlined the process of building this plugin in detail on our How We Created A Custom Block For Gutenberg article.

The Profile Block is an excellent solution for adding author biographies to articles, displaying a page of team or staff members, or as a personal business card on your “About” page. The block adopts the fonts and styles of your active theme.

This custom block is designed to work with any theme, so long as the Gutenberg plugin is active. With the release of WordPress 5.0, the Gutenberg content editor will be integrated into WordPress core. Then, the Gutenberg plugin will no longer be required. In the meantime, users must have the Gutenberg plugin active to use the Profile Block

The profile block on the front-end within the Origin Theme.

Try the Organic Profile Block with Gutenberg! Install the plugin directly from your WordPress dashboard by┬ásearching for “Organic Profile Block” under Plugins > Add New. Otherwise, download the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory here.

Check back with Organic Themes for more custom blocks in the future!

7 Comments on “A Custom Profile Block For Gutenberg

    • Thank you for the kind words! Glad you are enjoying the block ­čÖé


  1. Hey!
    Good job, I liked your post thanks for sharing your knowledge! mozilla firefox pc

  2. Sorry, I can not get it to work properly. In the backend, I can edit the fields and place an image. But soon as i check the frontend, the block is distorted and the written fields are empty. It seems as if the stylesheet is missing something and that the editable data is not been stored.
    Thanks for your time
    Marc Jansen

  3. A great plugin. there is only one small problem. When you add a social media link and refresh the edit page, the organic profile block crashes.

    If anyone is capable of solving this problem, everything will be great.

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