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Organic Themes is excited to announce the new WordPress Tutorials section of our site! We have introduced these tutorials to help our customers regarding the basic usage of the WordPress platform and our themes. We’re confident they will prove quite useful to newcomers to the platform, and we plan to continue adding more tutorials to this section in the future.

The WordPress tutorials currently cover a variety of topics such as Custom Menu Management, Changing Your Favicon, Using Featured Images, Changing The Logo and more. Feel free to let us know of any more tutorials you would like to see added to this section.

If you have more specific questions related to the usage of your Organic Theme, don’t forget to refer to the theme documentation and support forums.

7 Comments on “WordPress Theme Tutorials

  1. I would like a phone number and would like to be reimbursed. Very frustrating that there is no way to get in touch with anyone for support. The theme I purchased does not work.

  2. Mine as well. My page links are disappearing on my sidebar and nobody will help me in support

    • Alyssa,

      We are in the process of providing support to you, via Zendesk and e-mail. If you aren’t receiving our responses, please let us know.


  3. This is a scam. They are using my credit info. Without my permission. FRAUD ALERT!!!!

    • Hi Brad,

      If your credit card was used to fraudulently purchase one of our themes, please e-mail ‘[email protected]’ and we’ll refund any charges as necessary. Rest assured we aren’t scamming anyone.


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