NonProfit Theme Major Update

In our effort to revitalize many of our older themes, the NonProfit Theme is the latest to receive a heavy dose of awesome new features and a fresh new design. Version 3.0 is a great improvement over older versions of theme. Check out the demo and see the changes for yourself. It offers a layout similar to earlier versions of the theme, but with the addition of a new featured content slider, featured video functionality, a new jQuery tabber, featured banner images for pages and more. It’s guaranteed to be a fantastic website solution for non-profit organizations and eco-minded businesses.

Options Framework

The theme update also integrates with the Options Framework plugin, which offers a much more sleek options interface.

Featured Content Slider

The new featured content slider for the Health and Beauty Theme can display an unlimited amount of slides with a featured image or a featured video.

Featured Tabber

In addition to the new featured content slider, a featured tabber has also been integrated in to the homepage, ideal for displaying services.

Featured Videos

The theme is now capable of displaying featured videos within the slider, homepage tabber and category pages.

Featured Image Banners

Featured images can now be added to pages and page templates to be displayed as a banner image for that particular page.

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David Morgan is the co-founder, designer, and developer of Organic Themes. He founded the company with Jeff Milone in 2009 on the Hawaiian island of Maui. David enjoys surfing, swimming, golfing and creating new web applications and products. Personal Site:

1963 Comments on “NonProfit Theme Major Update”
  1. Can you explain why your themes don’t validate for CSS (sometimes with 100+ “errors”). I’m sure there’s a reason – this isn’t a critique. It’s just that I’ve read many times that websites should validate for CSS, and your themes don’t. Thank you.

    • Hello Yoshikawa,

      I’ve never seen a theme of ours containing anything close to 100 validation errors, so I’m not sure what gave you that impression. Most validation errors occur in the theme demo’s as a result of embedded videos, external links, the WordPress search widget or other unavoidable variables when adding certain types of content to your site. The errors are not specifically related to the theme code. I believe the NonProfit Theme demo contains 5 validation errors, all of which are a result of embedded videos and the WordPress search widget.

      While validation has its place, and ideally websites should validate as much as possible, it’s not a necessity. Particularly if you want to display dynamic content on your site and use newer development methods such as CSS3.

  2. Hi,
    I use the previous version of this theme and am wondering what happens if I upgrade? Do I lose all of the CSS modifications that I made?
    I’d really like to be able to use the photo slider. Also, does this version make it possible to use a singular background image (and not the multiple files)?

    • Hi Sara,

      Yes, this is a significant update to the theme changing all files. So you will have to remake any style changes you have made using previous versions of the theme.

      Yes, you can now change the entire site background color and image within the theme options without editing the CSS or image files.


    • We haven’t developed column-specific short code as such, but most of our themes come with multiple page templates in multiple column configurations. Shoot us an email if there is something specific you’re looking for – we’d be happy to help.

  3. How about Verbage (Premium)β€”any redesign in the works? I’m getting the NonProfit for one of my other blogs and upgrading a client to the new Portfolio, but Verbage needs a refresh, too πŸ™‚

    Love your work, clean and classy.

  4. Hi there,

    I own a previous version of this theme – how do I upgrade? Or do I need to buy it all over again?

  5. Your themes do not work on a iphone..I do see the demos scale ..
    I dont see it being anything more than a site you have too scroll on..
    why not try media queries ? or something..

    • All our themes display properly on an iPhone. If you see the demo scaled perfectly and functioning properly on an iPhone, then it works. The definition of a site not working on an iPhone would be any site containing Flash.

      We do not have separate mobile versions of the themes, if that is what you mean. Personally, I’m not fond of “mobile view” due to the decreased functionality, but you can add it to our themes using a number of available plugins, CSS3 media queries is something we are looking into integrating in the future.

      • well on the font page you say you have mobile friendly themes..I was saying in testing a demo here it did not look mobile friendly..So I like the themes but I really want a mobile option..What part of the theme or themes is mobile friendly?
        How am I to judge this feature? Im confused..if you look at a true mobile friendly site it is like you say a switch or it just loads a mobile version of the site..If I purchase organic themes how do I get it to use the supposed built in mobile friendly part? With out a plugin? I really do not want to use a plugin..I just assumed your mobile friendly meant no offense..Im not a critic..or complaining..Im just trying to find out ..

        • Hi Hill,

          No problem. By mobile friendly, we mean that our full themes display correctly on smart phones without the need for any switch or specific mobile version of the theme. They display and function on a mobile device as they do in a regular browser. This cannot be said for many sites that use incompatible code for mobile devices.

          We have not added a mobile or iPhone specific version of the theme because it can be accomplished easily through the use of a plugin such as WPtouch, We haven’t felt the need to re-invent the wheel.

          Many of our themes cater to designers, artists and photography heavy sites. We have felt that integrating a mobile view by default may be detrimental to those customers. I apologize for any confusion in the mobile friendly description.

          • hi
            ok now I get it and this makes sense..I wanted to get the developer package but I admit the mobile thing was delaying this..other than that ..I like all other aspects and the over all philosophy which if anyone who reads this needs to know just look at the new studio theme which sums up the overall design philosophy..So thanks for being specific..I really feel confident now purchasing the whole package..I know its not a big deal..but to me it is so..I was really digging in..Im glad I posted these comments..
            Thanks.. πŸ™‚

        • Thanks for posting the comments as well πŸ™‚

          Our intent definitely was not to confuse customers as to the meaning of mobile friendly. I have changed the wording on the home page. So, hopefully it’s more descriptive.


  6. Hi there,

    I love your organic non-profit theme, but I cannot open my website on an iPhone or iPad. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have read the above comments, and do not have Flash on my site so not sure why it is not working.



      • Ah ok, you wouldn’t happen to know which plug has the conflict in do you?

        I would love to upgrade to the newest version, it looks great. However, on the preview, it shows a slider which replaces all the home page text and takes all my images from all over my site and installs it on this slider. This is not something that I want, so it’ll take quite a bit of rebuilding of my site for it to look good. Any suggestions for a smooth upgrade or to avoid all images from sliding?


        • I’m not sure. I’d recommend asking in the support forums in case anybody else has experienced the issue. Otherwise, try deactivating the plugins one by one.

  7. I am planning running the theme for a charity organization website, I can not produce some thing that is there on the demo version. In the homepage top where the featured posts are displayed i can not put the featured post like that on the site, instead it is giving me the options to put a page. Please tell me how to put the feature posts there. Thanks.

  8. I loved the older version of the non-profit theme so I decided to purchase the newer one. When I installed it the theme didn’t look anything like it was supposed to. Even the back end is different. For example, there is no longer an option to embed a featured image. Could this have something to do with the FTP? What do I do?

  9. On the demo for the Nonprofit theme, the slideshow spans the full width of the homepage. However, on this page (about the update) and on documentation, the images show a more narrow slideshow and room for a search widget & text widget in the sidebar.

    I’m unable to find theme options that will allow the narrow slideshow & widgets to the right. Are these options available or are the screenshots inaccurate?

    Documentation —

    Thank you!

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