The Block Theme 3 Update

During the busy holiday season we forgot to inform our awesome customers about the latest version of the Block Theme. You can view the updated demo here. We have made several improvements to the theme including the ability to change link and highlight colors within the Options Framework. The new slider is capable of displaying video and features a thumbnail image navigation. In addition, the Block Theme has the option to display a horizontal or vertical navigation menu. The layout was tightened up even more — retaining its unique pixel perfect appearance. If you’re looking for a theme that stands apart from traditional theme layouts, look no further than the Block Theme. Additional features include:

Options Framework

The theme now integrates with the Options Framework plugin, which offers a sleek options interface.

Featured Content Slider

The new featured content slider can display posts with a featured image or a featured video.

Featured Videos

The theme is now capable of displaying featured videos within the slider and on the homepage.

Featured Image Banners

Featured images can now be added to pages and page templates to be displayed as a banner image for that particular page.

Numbered Pagination

The blog and category pagination is now much more accommodating — allowing you to skip ahead to specific page numbers.

Color Options

We have included options for changing the link and highlight colors within the Options Framework — providing a greater array of customization options.

5 Comments on “The Block Theme 3 Update

  1. hurra!! thank you for including color option – it was definitely a missing feature, now it’s complete!

  2. I purchased this theme and the slider doesn’t work. I’ve tried registering for the forums but I get an error “Invalid Transaction ID”, the ID is correct. How can I get support?

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