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    The blog page in the Stax theme contains all posts. Is it possible to choose only certain posts by category? If so, how?

    Also, is the posts page using a template? If so, which one?

    Emily Morgan

    It is not possible to designate a certain post category by using the standard blog page within the theme. However, you can create a page to display a specific post category by creating a standard page and adding a Posts Block to it (provided by the Organic Blocks plugin). The Posts Block allows you to choose from multiple post layouts, and allows you to select a certain post category. Let us know if you have further questions 🙂


    Emily, That sounds good. So if you create that page, can you keep adding new blocks for each new blog post in that category?

    If so, I assume the newest blog post would go into a block you add at the top so that is shows first? In other words, lets say you start with the first blog article, then you add the block for it. Then when you create a second blog post, you add a blog block on top of the previous one, so it shows first as you scroll the page.

    If so, then how many blog blocks can you have on a page? What happens when you crate many blog posts for that category… will they all go on one page? Is this practical compared to the default blog page?

    David Morgan

    Hi Jeffrey,

    When using the Posts Block, you will not need to create a new block on the page every time you create a new blog post. When setting up the Posts Block, you can choose a designated category of posts you wish to display in the block. So, any time you create a new post with the specified category applied, the post will automatically appear in the Posts Block that has been applied to a page.

    Additionally, within the Posts Block options, you can specify which order the posts are displayed in (Ascending or Descending). Meaning, you can choose whether all new posts are automatically displayed at the top or bottom. You can also specify how many posts are displayed, among several other options.

    Here are so examples of the Posts Block,

    Also, I attached a screenshot of the Posts Block setup options.

    I hope this helps. Thanks!

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    I’m creating my first blog article in the Stax Theme. The article contains references. But apparently when I try to add a superscript (upper right) to the reference number it appears as a subscript (lower right). Is this a problem with the hutenberg editor? Or could this be caused by the Stax theme? How can we correct this?

    David Morgan

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for pointing this out. It’s a bug in the STAX theme styles. We’ll push a fix with the next update.

    In the meantime, you can add the following style to resolve the issue:

    sup {
      vertical-align: super;

    I hope this helps.



    That works… thank you!

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