How do I update my Organic Theme?

Automatic Update

With an active Organic Themes license, updates can be performed within the WordPress dashboard with a single click. A theme license is provided upon purchase, and can be located within your Organic Themes account. Licenses are applied by entering the license key within the Appearance > Theme License section of the WordPress admin menu. Once a license has been activated, you can update your theme by navigating to Appearance > Themes within the WordPress dashboard.

  1. Activate Your Organic Theme
  2. Navigate To Appearance > Theme License
  3. Enter Your Theme License And Activate (Licenses Are Located In Your Account)
  4. Navigate To Appearance > Themes
  5. Click The “Update” Link

Note: If you do not see the “Theme License” link within your WordPress dashboard, you are most likely using a Lite theme version or a significantly outdated Organic Theme. In which case you will need to refer to the manual update.

Manual Update

FTP Method

First, you will need to download the .zip file for the latest theme version from your Organic Themes account. Once downloaded, unzip the file to obtain the theme folder. Next, you will need an FTP application such as FileZilla or Transmit. Once you have logged in to your web server via FTP, navigate to the “themes” folder on your server ( > wp-content > themes). Locate the theme folder, and replace the old version with the newer theme version from your computer.

WordPress Dashboard Method

This method requires deleting the old theme version, then uploading the latest version. Please refer to our theme installation instructions for uploading your theme. Also, if you have made any custom changes to the theme code, make a backup of your existing theme and save it to your computer before updating. You can make a backup using the WP Clone Template plugin. Follow these instructions to update your theme from the WordPress dashboard.

  1. Download Latest Theme Version From Account
  2. Navigate To Appearance > Themes In WordPress Dashboard
  3. Deactivate Your Theme
  4. Delete The Deactivated Theme
  5. Click The “Add New” Button To Upload The Latest Version
  6. Activate The Theme
  7. Navigate To Appearance > Customize To Save Theme Options

Note: If you are updating from a significantly outdated theme version, the theme options and even the theme design may have changed significantly over the years. Be prepared to re-save your theme options, and make sure you are happy with the new theme design before proceeding.

Do you provide a Photoshop file with the theme?

Photoshop design files for each theme are only available with an Organic Themes Developer Membership. With a Developer Membership, design files may be downloaded from your account.

How often do you release new themes?

We don’t have a set schedule for releasing new themes. We believe in quality over quantity, and improving our existing themes is just as important to us as releasing new themes.

Do you provide documentation and tutorials?

Yes. Theme documentation is available to Organic Themes customers, and tutorials are publicly available on our website. For further theme support, our support forums and knowledge base are available to customers after the purchase of a theme.

Why is there an annual support subscription?

Organic Themes charges an annual subscription fee for ongoing access to support, community forums, theme updates and your account.

The annual subscription was employed to create a sustainable business for Organic Themes, so that we may continue providing our services to you for years to come. There is no obligation to continue the subscription, and you may cancel at anytime. Canceling the subscription will result in suspended access to your Organic Themes account a year from the purchase date or from the last successful renewal.

Note: A support subscription is not to be confused with a theme license. Canceling a support subscription will not affect your theme in any way.

Can I use the theme on multiple domains?

Yes. The GPL License permits the use of our themes on multiple domains. However, you may only receive updates for the theme with an active theme license and subscription, and a single theme license is included with purchase of individual themes. If you would like to activate theme licenses on more than 1 domain, you will need to purchase more licenses or a Developer Membership. Please refer to our pricing for more information.

Are Organic Themes search engine optimized?

Yes. By its nature, WordPress is a very SEO friendly platform. However, we have taken extra steps with Organic Themes to maximize the SEO potential.  For instance, we have carefully considered the placement of headings through the theme. Additionally, our theme code utilizes proper HTML5 semantics for increased content recognition from search engine crawlers. Plus, the theme code is minimal to reduce sever requests and load times, resulting in better SEO performance. In addition, third party plugins can easily be added to further increase Search Engine Optimization.

Can I use widgets on the theme?

Yes. All of our themes have widgetized sidebars, and many include widgetized footers and featured widget sections. Additionally, our Builder Widgets plugin can be used to create dynamic pages using custom widgets and the WordPress customizer.

Can I add video to the theme?

Yes. Videos can be added to any page or post. Additionally, many Organic Themes feature support for WordPress Header Videos, which may be added under Appearance > Customize > Header Media. Also, videos can be added within any widgetized area using the Video Widget.


Does the theme include demo content?

Content is not automatically installed with the installation of any Organic Theme. However, we provide a demo content file for all premium Organic Themes which can be used to install the content from the theme demo. The content is meant to be used as a placeholder, and we recommend replacing it as soon as possible. Additionally, theme setup may still be required after the demo content has been installed. Demo content files can be downloaded from within the theme documentation.

The demo content file may be installed by navigating to the Tools > Import section of your WordPress dashboard.

Many of our newer themes are compatible with the One-Click Demo Import plugin. Upon activating the theme, you will be prompted to install the plugin along with other recommended plugins. You may then follow the dashboard instructions to install the content.

Can you install WordPress and my Organic Theme for me?

Yes. We can install WordPress, your Organic Theme, any recommended plugins, and setup your site like the theme demo by purchasing our Theme Setup service.

How do I install the WordPress platform?

You may refer to the instructions on the WordPress site here. WordPress installation is often an option provided by your hosting provider. Contact your host to learn more. In addition, we offer WordPress installation as a part of our Theme Setup service.


Can I change the theme logo?

Yes. Changing the logo is an option with all our themes. The logo can easily be changed within the Appearance > Header section, or the Appearance > Customize > Site Identity section of the WordPress dashboard, depending on your particular theme and version.

Can I change the theme background?

Yes. The theme background color and image can be changed within the WordPress Appearance > Background options for all Organic Themes.

Can I modify the theme code?

Yes. Our licensing permits the modification of theme code. However, due to obvious constraints, our support is only guaranteed for the original theme code. Additionally, it’s highly recommended that you create a Child Theme for making modifications to the original theme code. Otherwise, your changes may be lost during a theme update.

Can I remove the footer credits?

Yes. You are not required to provide any credit or links back to Organic Themes, although we do appreciate it. Within most of our premium themes, the footer content can be removed or modified by navigating to the Appearance > Customize > Footer option. Additionally, you can modify the footer credits by editing the footer.php file within the theme. However, we recommend the use of a Child Theme to modify theme files.

For our free themes, the footer credits can be removed or changed using the Footer Change Plugin.

How customizable are the themes?

Several options are available for customizing the appearance Organic Themes — including the ability to change the logo, background images, colors, and various display options. However, these options do not necessarily consist of major modifications to the layout or design of the theme. Custom solutions of this nature must be made within the theme code. We recommend the Customization service for changes to a theme beyond the scope of our support.

Can I change the link and theme colors?

Yes. Our premium themes contain options for changing link and highlight colors. Within our free themes, colors may be changed by adding CSS styles within the WordPress customizer. We have designed and developed the themes to make this an easy modification.


Why can’t I access the support forums?

Support access is provided to Organic Themes customers with an active subscription. You will need to be logged in to your Organic Themes account in order to view the support forums and theme documentation. If you have purchased a theme, but are still unable to access support, it may be related to one of the two following reasons:

1. Your theme was purchased from a trusted outside source, such as Creative Market or through your hosting provider. If so, you will need to use our contact form and submit a support access request with your provided purchase information. Note: If your theme was purchased from, support is provided within the support forums.

2. Your support subscription may have expired. It expires a year from your purchase date if canceled. If your subscription was canceled and you would like access again, you may renew your subscription or purchase another product to regain access.

How long do I have support access?

Theme support is provided indefinitely with an active theme subscription. In the event your subscription has been canceled or expired, you will receive support access for one year from the original purchase date or last successful renewal.

What kind of support do you provide?

Support is provided via our support forums. Questions are generally answered within 24 hours, with the exception of weekends and U.S. holidays. We answer questions related to our themes, their usage and provide minor customization guidance. We cannot guarantee support for questions beyond the code of our themes, which includes plugins and extensive theme customization.

In addition, theme documentation and tutorials are available on our site.


Why was I charged again?

Organic Themes employs an annual support subscription at the rate of the purchased product for continual access to support, forums, theme updates and your account.

The annual subscription was employed to create a sustainable business for Organic Themes, so that we may continue providing our services for years to come. There is no obligation to continue the subscription, and you may cancel at anytime. Canceling the subscription will result in suspended access to your Organic Themes account after a year from the purchase date or the last successful renewal.

This is outlined on the theme sales page, in our terms and conditions and throughout the site. If you have an issue regarding a subscription renewal, please contact us directly, and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Can I get a refund?

We generally do not offer refunds, as there is no way to return a digital product. Unfortunately, it is one of the few tools we have to combat internet fraud. If you are experiencing any difficulty with the theme, we are more than happy to provide support and resolve the situation. If your circumstance can’t be resolved with support, you are welcome to contact us with an explanation of your situation.

Can I buy an Organic Theme using cash?

We are unable to accept cash for the purchase of a theme. At this time we accept payments via Credit Card and PayPal. If you’re concerned about entering credit card information online, you can purchase a theme using an eCheck with PayPal. However, the eCheck payment must clear before your theme is delivered, which generally takes 3-5 business days.