WP.com Theme Release: Connect


We have recently released our 6th theme on the WordPress.com marketplace — Connect.

Connect is your virtual business card! Share your name, title, contact info, a brief bio and your social media links with ease using Connect. In addition, the theme includes several page templates, including a Resume, Portfolio and a Vertically Centered page template. It also utilizes post formats for the blog for displaying different types of posts such as quotes, links, images, video and more.

connect-mobileThe theme is fully responsive and displays beautifully on mobile devices. Connect features a minimal design that’s perfect for sharing your professional profile online. The Home and Vertically Centered page templates are centered vertically and horizontally within the browser window — so your site will look fantastic even on large displays! Using the WordPress customizer, Connect is simple to setup and launch within a matter of minutes!

If you’re looking for the WordPress.org version of the theme for a self-hosted site, it’s available on our site here.

9 Comments on “WP.com Theme Release: Connect

  1. Help! I can’t get rid of “Awesome Dude” from my right sidebar. How do I do this?

  2. Hi Arafin,

    Yes, we do provide support for our WP.com themes ourselves. This support is offered through WP.com premium theme forums directly.


  3. Can’t get Discography to work?

    I followed the directions on Discography, created a page for the album, and I linked it to Discography. I put the page as a sub-menu under Discography and that part works, and it does bring up the album page.

    The problem is when you click directly on Discography in the main menu it takes me to a page that says edit. The album I had created does not appear.

    I am having a terrible time setting this up. I may have messed up the Discography template in the process of trying to figure out how the heck to post albums.

    Please help as soon as possible.
    Thank you!

  4. wow!! This is really a beautiful wordpress theme. I must use it on my portfolio website.
    Thanks organicthemes

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