Create Pricing Table Section On WordPress Page

An Organic Pricing Table widget allows you to display your products within a clean, simple table format.

This widget is especially great for pricing services or packages, as seen in the example image below. After installing and activating the Organic Builder Widgets plugin, you can easily add a Pricing Table section by following these simple steps within the customizer:

  1. Apply the Organic Custom page template to your page.
  2. Update or Publish the page.
  3. Click the Customize Page button.
  4. Click the + Add A Widget button.
  5. Select the Organic Pricing Table widget. (Note: You will need to “+ Add A Widget” for each item within the table)
  6. Add a Title and description for each item.
  7. To add a button link (such as a purchase button):
    • Add a title for the button within the Purchase Button Text field (ie: “Buy Now”).
    • Copy & paste the button link URL within the Purchase Button URL field.
  8. Add Text Row items (such as product features) as needed – add as many as you like!
  9. You may also add a Background Color for your Pricing Table section.
This is an example of an Organic Pricing Table section.

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