Create A Feature List Page Section

The Organic Feature List widget allows you to add a group of features with descriptions and icons. It’s great for things like product descriptions, or can be used as a unique way to list the services you offer.

This is an example of an Organic Featured List section with 3 columns applied.

Within the widget options you can also add a button link at the bottom of the section. After installing and activating the Organic Builder Widgets plugin, you’ll be able to add a Feature List section by following these simple steps within the customizer:

  1. Apply the Organic Custom page template to your page.
  2. Update or Publish the page.
  3. Click the Customize Page button.
  4. Click the + Add A Widget button.
  5. Select the Organic Feature List widget.
  6. Give your Feature List section a title and description.
  7. To add a button link (optional) to your section:
    • Give the button a title (Button Text field).
    • Copy & paste the button link URL (Button URL).
  8. Select a Number of Columns.
  9. Start adding items to your feature list:
    • Add a Feature Title for each list item.
    • You can add a link to the feature title by copy/pasting a URL within the Feature Link URL field.
    • Click the Select Icon button to choose an icon, or click the Custom Icon Image/Select Image button to upload your own custom icon.
    • Add text content for each item within the Feature Text field.
  10. CustomizeĀ Section Background Options as desired; click the Apply button.
  11. Click theĀ Save & Publish button.

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