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Organic Themes has updated our popular Structure Theme with new features. Version 2.1 includes a new featured content slider — capable of displaying images or video. Video can be added to the slider by pasting the embed code within the Featured Video field of the post editor. In addition, there are new portfolio page templates, video display functionality was added to the home page blog and category pages and minor style updates were made to the theme.

In addition to the updated premium version of the Structure Theme, we have updated the free version of the theme for the first time in over a year. The free version now includes WordPress 3.0 features such as the custom header, background editor, menu management, featured image support and more. With the latest updates to the free version of the Structure Theme, it is sure to remain one of the best free WordPress themes available!

34 Comments on “Structure Theme Updates

  1. Is there a way I can show my whole post including pictures, instead of just a preview with no pictures?

    • Hi Kristie,

      Yes, you can display the full post content with a minor change to the code. We can inform you how to make this change via the support forums.

  2. I like the Structure theme. But when I upload images they go through the ‘crunching’ process and end up cropped, eliminating important content. As such, the theme seems unusable, which is unfortunate because I like the rest of it. I would consider buying Organic Themes but if this seems to basic an issue for comfort.

    • Hi Mark – The Featured Image functionality of WordPress automatically crops images larger than the specified thumbnail size in the functions.php file. Ideally, it’s still best to scale your images before uploading them, as the automatic cropping can sometimes produce undesirable results if your image is a unique format, or the focus of the image is not in the center. You could also use a plugin such as this one to crop and scale your images more accurately,

      • Thanks Organic. I try this plugin. In some posts, my image is from PowerPoint presentation or graph (converted to jpg files) and I need the entire slide because it has text and pictures that I want to present in a coherent, professional image.

      • I see. Would like to be able to turn off ‘automatic cropping’ when my image needs original dimension, even if a background/border were added to make it fit your image window. Wondering if I can add url links to the text widgets (internal and external to the site)? Thanks. Liking the theme more and more as I develop it.

    • Mark- The “Crunching” process is not what’s cropping your images. After uploading an image, below the caption/description, check if you have “Full Size” selected. This will insert images as the same size as they were uploaded. As for how the images display within the slider/homepage sections, that’s a whole different story…

      • Thanks Ben. It is indeed the slider/homepage representations that I am frustrated by. I’ll delete the posts and redo them and make sure that I’m using ‘Full Size.” I think I have tried both full size and various reductions. I tried reductions because of the cropping in the slider/homepage, thinking that a smaller image may fit into whatever format the slider/homepage is trying to accomplish.

  3. Hi Ben,

    I have the Premium Structure Theme on my WP site. Can i get this update without repurchasing the theme or is that a silly question?

    Also is Organic Themes working on any facebook fan page themes?


    • Hi Meera,

      Yes, if you’ve purchased the theme, updates are available for each theme in our support forums.

  4. I like the structure theme and thought about purchasing it, but I find one function not working prober. If I start a video in ‘featured content slider’ and then skip the end of the video to move on to the next one, the first video doesn’t stop. This gets really annoying when starting the second video and I end up listening to several soundtracks at the same time. Is there a fix for this issue?

    • If you add a video using the older “object” embed code, instead of the newer iframe embed codes, the video should pause when transitioning to the next slide. This is currently the only solution. Otherwise you will need to manually pause the video before clicking the next button.

  5. Hi,

    Structure theme (free versionI) is my choice for displaying my work, but i’m having troubles with uploading images in pages and subpages, in fact when I choose the upload option in Editing page, the image goes to media library and I can’t do nothing with it, not even trying to upload it from library. I really don’t know if I´m missing something. Could you help me please?

    Thank you, best regards,

    • We have the free version of Structure, and we like it, but we are having problems with the uploading and display of the main featured image. We have followed the instructions, but, the truth is that WP do not display the options said along the instructions. I want to ask… Is the main featured image possible to use with the free version?

      • The free WordPress.COM version of the Structure Theme was re-developed by WordPress for their blogging community. We cannot provide support for this version of the theme. Please refer to the WordPress forums.

      • To further clarify, our versions of the theme are created for individual installations of the WordPress platform from WordPress.ORG.

  6. Hey!!
    I just spend a whole day working with your beautiful free structure theme, but is there any way I can embed video on the frontpage !?!? (it only shows in the message itself when you open it)

    Thank you so much!
    Casper (Holland)

  7. I am fighting with the featured images instructions/process. i cannot get anything to show up in my featured image/content slider section. Is there a difference between the paid version and the free one? Meaning, if i pay for it does it work? Have more features? I am on self hosted wp 3.2.1.

    I have the pdf download and I interpreted it to say that I write a post, set the feature image in the bottom right, use the category that is noted in the theme options for featured posts and then publish. doing so would change the feature article tile to show in the top center, the image in the middle beneath it and the first post in the bottom center column would be a repeat, same image, article abstract. is that correct? am I msising something? I love this theme and have invested a lot of work into it but this feature image problem is making me nuts. thoughts?

    • Unfortunately, you are using the free, unsupported wordpress.COM version of the theme. Our themes are created for individual installations of the WordPress platform from wordpress.ORG. I would recommend consulting the wordpress.COM forums, or you are welcome to purchase hosting, a domain and the premium version of our theme for support. Thanks!

  8. I want to update this theme with the new version. When I upload the new version it says that I already have the theme and that I have committed an error…please help…

  9. Greetings-

    I have the premium Organic Structure theme version 2.1.1. On the changelog on the main page here, it says you are up to 2.2.1? How do I access the files for the theme update?



  10. I have just moved over from a WordPress hosted blog (Structure theme) to a self hosted WordPress blog using the Structure theme. On the old platform, all of the pics showed up as they should. Now, on the new platform, the featured images show up fine on the Home page, but when viewed on any of the menu option pages, they show up in a completely different dimension and seemingly enlarged.
    The Home page featured images show up as the 640x 480 required in the upload. On the menu pages, they show up longer in height than in width and extremely close up.
    Is there a way to change the menu page dimensions to match the Home page dimensions?



    • The functionality for our version of the theme is different within our version of the theme than the version. However, you can adjust the featured image size within the functions.php file of the theme. The sizes are located at the bottom of the file. The file can be accessed Appearance > Editor section of the admin.

      • Thanks. I changed the images sizes, but don’t see any change in the image after a refresh. I even tried taking the image out and re-uploading it. They are still the old size.

        I’m at a loss! What am I doing wrong?

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