What Is The Post Thumbnail And Why Is It Awesome?

With the release of WordPress 2.9, the Post Thumbnail function was implemented in to the platform. It automatically re-sizes images for perfect placement within a site. In the past, this effect could be achieved by the use of custom fields and a script known as TimThumb. It was a decent workaround, but a cumbersome process, incompatible with some servers and a chunky bit of code that could potentially increase loading times. For people new to the WordPress platform, working with custom fields can be a confusing process. Even for the veterans it’s annoying trying to manage multiple custom field names. Post Thumbnail is the answer to all of these problems.

“Once upon a time resizing images for your website was a tremendous waste of time. Then came the Post Thumbnail function from WordPress, and there was much rejoicing.”

If you’re working with images on your site — and you probably are, Post Thumbnail is guaranteed to save you loads of time. You’ll find it especially useful for WordPress sites with multiple image sizes, such as portfolio and magazine themes.

To take advantage of this awesome new feature you must have a theme that supports the new post thumbnail function. Currently, it’s not found in the majority of premium themes. However, Organic Themes is proud to announce it has been implemented in to all of our supported themes and we will continue to utilize this new feature.

For more information regarding usage of the Post Thumbnail feature with Organic Themes, refer to our documentation.

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