Organic Themes Launches

We are very excited to announce the launch of Organic Themes — a fresh new premium WordPress theme shop! In fact, excited is a huge understatement. We have been working on Organic Themes for the greater portion of 2009 and 2010. Our goal has been to create a theme shop that offers fresh new designs and resources for the WordPress community, and we’re stoked to see it come to fruition. Rather than releasing many mediocre themes within a short time, our focus is to release one spectacular new theme per month while providing updates to our existing themes with new color options, layouts and taking advantage of the constant new features from WordPress.

Organic Themes are designed and developed to be easily customized to suit your brand. Our themes aren’t bogged down with an excessive amount of images that just add more time to the customization process. To make it even easier we have provided well organized Photoshop files with all of our themes, even the free ones! We understand our themes will not only be used for personal websites, but a growing population of designers and developers that will use our themes as a starting point for their clients. We have catered Organic Themes to meet the needs of both.

“Organic Themes are fresh and beautiful out of the box, but we’ve left room for growth with your brand.”

We have very big things in store for Organic Themes, so stay up to date and spread the word! With your support we will continue to grow Organic Themes in to a valuable resource. Mahalo from the Organic Team!

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David Morgan is the co-founder, designer, and developer of Organic Themes. He founded the company with Jeff Milone in 2009 on the Hawaiian island of Maui. David enjoys surfing, swimming, golfing and creating new web applications and products. Personal Site: