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Our customers deserve better, more cohesive solutions from the Organic Themes brand. The old ways of managing support and product fulfillment just wasn’t cutting it any more. The web is such a fast evolving environment, solutions that were once industry standard in 2009 have become archaic at the end of 2012.

As a result, we have been working tirelessly over the past several months to improve — well, everything.

We couldn’t be more excited to share the results with you! Organic Themes now features a new responsive and retina optimized design, payment and product fulfillment solution, support system, affiliate program and more!

Making so many changes at once is a delicate process. We have tried to make the transition smooth for new and old customers alike. To avoid any confusion, we would like to inform you of the changes in detail:

New Payment and Product Fulfillment

Themes can now be purchased securely on our site using PayPal and all major credit cards — without any annoying pop-ups. Upon completing a purchase, you will be registered for an Organic Themes account, giving you access to the theme files, new updates, design files, demo content and our new support system.

This new solution has been made possible by the fantastic Easy Digital Downloads plugin. We highly recommend this plugin for any of customers interested in selling digital goods — whether it’s stock photos, eBooks or software.

What if I’ve already purchased an Organic Theme?

Any customer that has previously purchased a theme and registered for support can login to their new Organic Themes account using their old support forum credentials. Granting access to your previously purchased theme files and the new support system. If you are having trouble accessing your account, please contact us directly.

Zendesk For Support

After much research, we have chosen Zendesk as our new support solution. Here’s why:

  • 3 Support Channels — View the forums, knowledgebase or submit tickets.
  • Cross-Searchablity (if that’s a word) — Return results from all 3 channels.
  • Integration — Zendesk integrates seamlessly with almost everything.
  • Notifications — When you ask a question, we’ll be informed immediately.
  • Reliability — Their business isn’t going anywhere, and it’s getting better.
  • Mobility — We’re on the move a lot, and Zendesk is cool with that.
  • Scalability — We can scale Zendesk across multiple brands as we grow.
  • It’s Purdy — Being easy on the eyes never hurts.

Upon purchasing a theme, you will automatically be registered for Zendesk support with your new account. There is no need to fumble with transaction ID’s or multiple registrations. Easy peasy.

As new questions are submitted and answered, the forums and knowledge base will grow to offer invaluable resources for managing and customizing your Organic Theme. We believe this solution will be vastly more efficient and helpful than our previous support forums.

In addition, we have provided updates to many of our FAQ’s, tutorials and theme documentation.

What about the old support forums?

They’re still around, we just moved them here. We closed registration and posting, but opened the forums up for public view to be used as a tome of knowledge. While many of the posts may be outdated and refer to old theme versions, we realize the forums still offer loads of valuable information — and now it’s freely accessible.

Updated Affiliate Program

We value our honest affiliates and their promotion of Organic Themes. As a result, we have created a new in-house affiliate program that will help us track referrals and our affiliates more efficiently.

Our valuable existing affiliates have been notified of the new registration process. If for some reason you didn’t get the memo, contact us with your previous affiliate credentials.

The affiliate percentage remains the same — 30% of a sale referral is money in your pocket.

While we are picky about accepting new affiliates, applications can be submitted here.

The New Look

Our brand has been refreshed and the site given a beautifully minimal and responsive new design that works perfectly on your iPad or iPhone.

We restructured the site navigation and flow to highlight the essential information out front, but don’t worry, the other resources are still available and have been updated to reflect the changes throughout the site.

Major Theme Updates

We have released 3 major theme updates that we have been too busy to publicly announce. Our Portfolio, Tumble and Photographer Themes have all undergone significant improvements. Updated features include a refreshed design, responsive framework, retina display optimization and much more.

In The Pipeline

We have an awesome new theme in the works. We’ll share teasers via Twitter as the new theme nears completion. We are working on more major theme updates — our Tech and NonProfit Themes are the next to receive makeovers. We are also making several updates to our hosting company, Kahuna Host. In addition, we’re working with the good folks at Automattic to port some of our themes to the marketplace.

Give Us Feedback

Your opinion matters. After all, these changes were made for you. Let us know what you think of the new site by leaving a comment below. Help us work out any minor kinks along the way as we perfect this new solution over the following weeks.

Mahalo from Organic Themes!

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