Introducing The News Theme!

Organic Themes is excited to announce the release of our latest theme, the News Theme! Check out the demo now. The theme is packed with content options, and offers a 3 column layout on the home page and category pages for optimum usage of advertising space. The News Theme features an abundance of widgetized sections within the theme, allowing for greater customization of content. The featured tab section on the home page is capable of displaying a brief content excerpt in addition to a featured image or featured video. Additional features include a news ticker, vertical style menu, several page templates and more.

We are confident that News Theme will make a great addition to our theme collection. It’s the perfect solution for bloggers and businesses that wish to display lots of of content without sacrificing loading time or the user experience.

4 Comments on “Introducing The News Theme!

  1. I love this site, but am concerned that the menu is not horizontal on top. Is there a way too change that without too much customization?

  2. How is the content populated in the ticker? Can you use an RSS feed (like say from twitter) for the Breaking News ticker?

    • Content is populated in the ticker using posts from a category defined in the theme options. Adding an RSS feed to the ticker would require some customization of the theme.

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