Introducing Kahuna Host

Organic Themes is proud to announce the magical WordPress Cloud Hosting services of Kahuna Host.

Kahuna Host is a powerful WordPress hosting solution created by the makers of Organic Themes. With Kahuna Host, the WordPress content management platform is automatically installed upon the purchase of a hosting package. There’s no need to hassle with database setup, FTP programs or any complicated server settings. Simply pick a WordPress user name and password, and you will be up and running with your WordPress content managed website in a matter of minutes.

Full Control

Kahuna Host puts you in full control of your own WordPress powered website and server. There are no restrictions. You have the control to add premium themes, integrate e-commerce, edit files on the server, manage domains and email accounts and much more. We offer the ease of website management that comes with WordPress, and full control over your server. It’s as simple or robust as you want it to be, and most importantly, it’s yours.

Cloud Hosting

Kahuna Host is based on a cloud platform. Cloud Hosting is a buzz word many providers are throwing around because it sounds cool. However, most people don’t know what cloud hosting actually is, and many hosting services that claim to offer this service aren’t true providers of cloud hosting — Kahuna Host is. Essentially, Cloud Hosting means that each user has a dedicated amount of resources. No single customer can consume all the resources of the server. This vastly increases stability and security. In the case of shared hosting, any single customer can consume all the resources of the server, causing the entire server or your site to experience down time and slowness. With Cloud Hosting you actually get what you’re paying for. The illustration provided below explains the difference between traditional shared hosting and cloud hosting.

Additional Features
  • WordPress Installation
  • Free Domain
  • cPanel Control
  • Dedicated Resources
  • Scalability
  • Maximum Security
  • Multiple Emails
  • Full FTP Access
  • Reliability
  • Helpful Support
  • Cloud Environment
  • No Hidden Fees

We are very excited to release this new service to the WordPress community. Kahuna Host offers a service like no other in the hosting market at this time. It’s simply the fastest way to get started with a full WordPress content managed website, and the power of the latest hosting technologies. Check out Kahuna Host today!

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