Free Structure Theme Update

The free version of our famous Structure Theme has been updated with a plethora of new features! While it still doesn’t offer the full functionality of the premium version, it’s leaps and bounds above its predecessor. Check out the updated demo for the free version, and see why the Structure Theme remains among the best free WordPress themes available. A few of the new features include:

Responsive Layout

Even the free version of the Structure Theme now has responsive media queries for your iPhone — sweet!

Color Change Options

Change the link and highlight colors within the Theme Options.

Options Framework

The free version now uses the Options Framework for managing the homepage layout and settings.

CSS3 Transitions

Slick CSS3 transitions and animations have been added, providing a greater user experience.

Social Media Buttons

Facebook Like, Tweet and Google Plus buttons can optionally be displayed throughout the theme.

Numbered Pagination

Navigating through posts has been made much more efficient with numbered pagination.

Much More

Countless other improvements have been made to this free version of the Structure Theme.

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