Complete Theme Localization

All of our themes have been localized!

Organic Themes is excited to announce the localization of all our themes. Meaning, the themes have been updated to include files for translation to languages other than English. While our themes previously contained the groundwork for localization, they were only partially prepared for translation. Now, translating our themes is a relatively simple process.

Translating the theme to a different language can be accomplished by editing the .po and .mo files included within the theme folder. You can begin the process by following these steps:

How to translate the theme
  1. Download the program Poedit.
  2. Using Poedit, open the en_US.po file included within each of our theme folders.
  3. Translate all text within the file from English to your desired language one line at a time.
  4. Save the translated file to the languages folder within the theme as 2 file types — .po and .mo.
  5. Important: Name the files using the proper language and country codes for your translation. For example, would be the Spanish translation for Mexico.
  6. Finally, you may need to change the WordPress installation to your matching language. This is accomplished by defining the language in the wp-config.php file using the following code: define ('WPLANG', 'es_MX');

That’s it! You can begin using the theme in another language!

8 Comments on “Complete Theme Localization

  1. This website of mine could use some translation themes – something much stronger than BabelFish. Any suggestions for ? Panamanian Spanish is just a little bit different than Mexican!

  2. This way, I can’t sem to be able to translate:

    – Dates (Friday, November 19, 2010) of posts or media files.
    – Months on posts’ excerpts on the Home Page (JAN, FEB, MAR, …)

    Is there a workaround?


  3. Is it okay to do the lists above on other computer than the computer on which downloaded the theme and wordpress before?

  4. And, do I have to upload the theme file again after doing the lists above?

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