Non-Profit Theme Version 4


The NonProfit Theme has been been rebuilt from the ground up. We have improved everything while still maintaining the familiar layout. It’s simply the best WordPress theme available for organizations promoting peace, awareness and good will. New theme features include the following:

  • Fully Responsive Framework
  • Retina Optimized Design
  • Several Shortcodes
  • Slideshow Page Template
  • HTML5 and CSS3 Construction
  • WordPress 3.5 Custom Header and Background
  • WooCommerce Compatibility
  • New Customization and Color Options
  • Much More

Get started with the NonProfit Theme immediately using our Auto Install service.

22 Comments on “Non-Profit Theme Version 4

  1. I am a fan of Organic Themes and especially the recent updates of themes to incorporate a Responsive Framework, HTML5, CSS3 and shortcodes. I have been using the Non-Profit Theme for one of my projects over the last couple of years and have been eagerly waiting for the update as launched recently. I am excited by the above mentioned changes in the new version, however the menu bar over the slider on the homepage and over images on other pages looks extremely ugly. I am also not happy with the change to using larger images for the homepage slider. Such a large image is great if you have amazing photographs, however if the images are average, or even poor quality, they are accentuated on a large scale. A smaller slider similar to the current Magazine Theme would have been a better option and would have been a closer match to the design and content which I have for the previous version of the Non-Profit Theme.
    Otherwise, keep up the good work Organic Themes. Thank you for updating your Themes to keep up with the times.

  2. Is the homepage slider only a “slide” – or does it allow for fade in fade out rather than the jarring slide to the right for each slide?

    Brilliantly laid out theme by the way.

  3. I had looked at this theme before and discounted it, but the new look is absolutely perfect! Couple of glitches such as I can’t get the dropdown menus to work, but I’m heading for the forum to get those sorted. Fantastic look though, love the nav bar/slider, and the use of font/colour throughout…..

    • Jen:

      Did you get the drop down menu issue resolved? I just downloaded the theme and am having the same problem.

      • Earl,

        Any issues with the menu can be resolved by ensuring that a custom menu has been created via Appearance –> Menus (making sure to set the theme location for the menu).


  4. How can I upload the new features, Non-Profit Theme Version 4?

    thanks, great job!

  5. Amazing work, I updated insurance practice page to the new version the moment I saw it. Will you be working on studio theme by any chance? I am using studio for my tax practice and it’s starting to look dated.

    Again, awesome job on these updates.

  6. Wow I really like this Non-Profil Theme. Im thinking if I will change my current theme or not in one of my blogs..

  7. Hi,

    I was wondering if there is a showcase link of the non profit theme so I can see what other have done, When I press the showcase button on the top and choose non profit from the drop down menu it shows me other examples.

    Many thanks,

  8. How can we download the latest version? It will not allow me to access it from my account or support forum. Thanks!

    • Any answer from support on this? We are having the same issue of not being able to access our account since the new support system. Wish these themes had an auto update function.

  9. I have downloaded the package on this theme and uploaded the zip file onto my website, but it will not upload the homepage layout correctly. It is not showing the slideshow nor the three blurbs at the bottom of the “slideshow” and I already changed the styles and featured images to do that. This is really frustrating me. Anyone have any ideas?

  10. Kclarson,

    Navigate to Settings –> Reading, and set your homepage setting to ‘your latest posts’ (do not set static pages).


  11. pre-sale question: I have a client that I suggested the non-profit theme for. They like it, but have many pages (I am redoing an existing site) that have a navigation bar down the left side of the page. I didn’t see a page template in the non-profit theme demo that had this. Is there a way to create a column of navigation buttons with an existing template, or would I have to create a new page template for that?

    Great looking theme! And thanks for your help in resolving this final question before purchase.

  12. I bought the advocate theme for my nonprofit. However the modification does not quite reflect my expectations. Is there any help that Organic Theme designers can provide to enable us utilize the full potential of your themes?


  13. I can’t get my Featured Pages below my Homepage slider to show up on a new site. I’ve used this theme for a different site and it worked perfectly, but even when I got through the same process in the Theme Options menu, with Options framework plugin installed, nothing changes and I really need to highlight those 3 pages under the slider.

    Can someone please help?:)

    • Hi Ryan,

      Navigating to Settings –> Reading, and selecting the ‘your latest posts’ option will fix this.


  14. Upgrading the plugin “Options Framework” from 1.6 to 1.7.1 broke the home page slider. I disabled all other plugins, etc. After reverting back to 1.6 everything works fine. Anyone else having this issue? We are running NonProfit Version 4.0.6. Site is here:

  15. Hi Glen,

    There is an issue with v1.7.1 of the Options Framework plugin, but it won’t break your theme. Your problem likely arises from using an outdated version of the theme — the current version is 4.2.2.

    If you have any further support inquiries, direct them here:


  16. Our organization purchased the Nonprofit theme in 2013. I need to upgrade to php 7 from php 5 but have not updated the theme and there seems to be incompatibilities with php7. Is there anyway to get updates?

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