Retro Theme

Ever thought, “Dude, I really wish my WordPress blog looked like an old, crappy Geocites website from the 90s?”

WordPress Version 5+

The Retro Theme was created as an April Fool’s joke, and designed to emulate the Geocities website styles of the late 90s.

Retro is a completely free WordPress theme. We intentionally designed the theme to look horrible. However, we found that this nostalgic style is actually appealing to some people. Despite the hideous appearance and annoying midi music on every page, the theme features solid development and a fully responsive framework. And hey — we were kind enough to include an option within the WordPress customizer to change or disable the music. We recommend disabling it. 😉

If you’re looking to bring some nostalgia into your blog, or play a practical joke on one your web clients — download Retro and give it a whirl.

Please Note: Theme support is not included with free themes.