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We love our customers! Organic Themes provides a refined choice of high quality WordPress themes for a variety of markets. We believe in quality over quantity, and less can be more. Rather than pumping out several themes per month that are essentially the same — we aim for diversity in design, functionality and appeal. We believe that improving our existing themes is just as important as providing new themes. When releasing a new theme, we want it to be a useful solution for our customers — not just another theme to be tossed on the pile and forgotten.

Now it’s your turn to choose the next Organic Theme! We want our customers to tell us what they want. Vote on the theme concepts below, or if you have something else in mind, leave a comment with your thoughts. We’re listening, and thanks for supporting Organic Themes!

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25 Comments on “Our Next Theme?

  1. How about a combination between BuddyPress & Realtor theme? That would be neat! Letting home owners have some social interaction, you go guys!!

  2. What about a hotel/motel site for the small and medium size operators. Keep growing guys.

  3. A photography theme from you all would be a great thing! It needs to focus on optimal display of images, particularly in the blog section. Many photo themes still provide a very small space for photo display. Built in shadow box functions when users click on images would be great. The best photo portfolios seem to have an easily browsable portfolio. Any photo theme would also need to allow multiple portfolio galleries be accessible from the main menu (eg. Landscapes, Portraits, and Real Estate) and have the portfolio quickly come up on the home screen. It would also be great if images could be added to a portfolio without having to be associated with a public blog post (ie., you should be able to post to a portfolio gallery without it having to be displayed in the blog section). Looking forward to seeing a photography theme from you!

  4. Community and interactions are essentials, a responsive buddypress theme would be a must-have of 2012.
    There are only few concurrents, none with your elegant style.

  5. Would love to get a music theme from you guys! There are a lot of music themes out there, but none as clean and stylish as you guys would make!

  6. While I selected the photography theme, what I’m really looking for is an ARTIST theme. I have a number of clients who are artists and it is difficult to find a good theme to display their work. The key is having a way to show off their art on the homepage in a unique way . . with a unique slider, maybe. Would like to see a slider view that links to a GALLERY of images of their work. You can see an example (not WP) at http://www.gloriacokerfineart.com (this is an older site that needs update with WP). Definitely prefer a dark gray or black background.

    I also wanted to click on OTHER in hopes of a construction / remodeler website. Key requirements would be the PHONE number positioned in the HEADER as well as easy links to social media (thanks for adding G+). Many of these types of businesses are local so we need to have a place for map or mentioning the areas served in the footer. Don’t need blog on homepage, but do need to exhibit services through separate galleries. One of the big challenges is the large number of services most remodelers offer (sometimes 10-15). Need way to showcase (or at least list) services on homepage in addition to the dropdown in the navbar. Want to be able to link pictures to a PAGE not a post since most of the information will be in the dropdown.

    Great question! Totally love your themes. I’m on the 5th website I’m customizing for my clients and look forward to more 🙂 Keep up the great work!

    Theresa 😎

  7. I agree with Theresa, I would like to see an artist theme like the Organic portfolio theme but with the addition of a decent e-commerce facility so that artists can sell their work online. It needs to be easy to set up as most artists don’t have the technical skills to set up an e-commerce facility and also available to international customers.

    I cannot begin to express the frustrations of trying to find an e-commerce solution that was not buggy, had decent documentation and was suitable for my part of the world.

    • I would like to add that not only there’s really just a few decent options for an artist page, but that practically doesn’t exist any template that allow you to play and sell music (iTunes style) without using third party (and expensive) plugins/services.
      To work with the current audio plugins (free or not) is a nightmare: complicated and bad looking.
      Upload and sell music, nearly impossible with the actual e-commerce solutions, because they doesn’t really integrate any audio option and won’t let you batch upload mp3 folders with images, nor they support mp3 metadata.
      Also you get any kind of images converted / resized in WP, but not one options to auto-convert audio, so we could upload a wav file and have it duplicated in aac and mp3 with different quality to let the customers choose the right format.
      Of course there’s some service like Nimbit or Topspin offering widgets to integrate in WP , but they are relatively expensive for an average artist and you won’t have really full control over your work (not only a monthly fee, but they even charge for every sold mp3).
      Summa Summaris, to have an Organic solution would be a great 2012 gift for all the poor artist of this world 🙂

  8. i build sites for local businesses, and you do have a business theme and a nice restaurant theme (and now there is a photographer’s theme). but i have not found yet the perfect theme that you can customize for any local business that would include a “call to action” part with a free give away report (that would capture prospect’s email). as alternative it could be a simple “newsletter” sign up form in a visible part of the site, possibly in the same area where featured video/slider is (just smaller video)… google map on every page is a plus (just like on restaurant theme)…

    there are many local business niches are (dentist, lawyer, CPA, real estate, contractor etc). i love organic themes and would love to see new coming themes here instead of going out and spending money out there…

  9. I also think that you should integrate the Woocommerce into every new theme! Having a shop option for merchandise would be so helpful!!


  10. I think there is a huge need for an Apartment Rental Theme. Too many of the Real Estate themes focus on Brokers/listings/sales. I have yet to find a theme that showcases a building, features, amenities, has a custom page for current openings with images/contact….It could be very similar to a hotel theme as well, with amenities page, contact page, location page….

  11. Would like to see a podcasting template that housed various audio features including a skinnable player. With some innovation it would be easy to shift over to a video style player as well.

  12. Would love to see a MUSIC theme … for musicians. There just aren’t many good ones out there. With features such as links to iTunes, a good way to add gigs, etc.

  13. How about a Coaching theme that is similar to your Non-Profit theme, but has email capture, social sharing tools, ecommerce (with pdf, audio & video download capabilities) and affiliate marketing plug-in?

  14. I have a number of local political candidates for office who need a simple website that updates often. We need to display video, list upcoming candidate events, list news articles, offer a contact form, take donations — which requires collecting specific information for donations over a certain amount (which varies state to state), offer a blog option, provide prominent social links, and provide a page with hi-res photos for journalists. Sounds like a lot but most candidates stress the need to Keep It Simple, not wishing to appear “flashy.”

  15. A second vote here for a small-scale hotel/bed and breakfast theme. That would be great!

  16. Hi guys,
    I am intereted in the news2 theme but looking for html and css version only.
    Can you please make one. My site is not joomla or wordpress based.

    Please let me know if you can do it.


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