Gravity Form Integration With All Organic Themes

Organic Themes has fully integrated Gravity Forms styling within all of our WordPress themes. What does that mean? Well, if you purchase the totally awesome form management plugin from those great folks at Gravity Forms, any form created with the plugin will seamlessly match the style of your Organic Theme.

If you have ever dealt with setting up and styling any type of form, whether it’s a simple contact form or an elaborate file submission form, you know the difficulty and time involved. If the idea of setting up a form seems daunting, Gravity Forms will soothe those concerns.

Why do I need a form for my website anyway? A well designed contact form is part of a professional web presence. Providing your email address publicly is a sure way to receive spam, attract solicitors and give an unprofessional appearance. A well crafted form is the perfect solution for receiving organized content from your website in a professional manner.

Gravity Forms are the cream of the crop when it comes to WordPress form management plugins.

Setting up a complex form is a simple drag and drop process with Gravity Forms. Additional features include conditional form fields, email notifications, dynamic field population, form scheduling and much more. We urge you to visit the Gravity Forms site to learn more about their amazing plugin. I guarantee you’ll be impressed.

We have set up Gravity Forms on the contact pages of all our theme demos. For example, take a gander at the fully integrated forms on the contact pages of the Structure Theme, Health and Beauty Theme and Block Theme. This is one of the many helpful solutions we are working towards with Organic Themes. We’re looking forward to providing more plugin integration and collaboration in the future, offering our customers solutions to all of their web needs.

Note: The plugin itself is not included with our themes, just the styling. The plugin must be purchased here.

13 Comments on “Gravity Form Integration With All Organic Themes

  1. I was just looking for this information, very thanks for sharing it

  2. I could’nt find this form in Ogranic Theme, which I buy in June 2010. Where are they?

  3. Where can I find more info on this post? Perfect Just what I was looking for.

  4. This is really not cool because when viewing the theme preview it looks like the contact form layout is included. I bought the theme for $70 and now I need to spend $40 on a contact form!

    • Hi Lindsay,

      We mention that Gravity Forms “styling” is included with all of our themes in this post and in each theme demo, not the actual plugin. We did not develop the Gravity Forms plugin, and do not have the right to freely distribute it with our themes. We included styling for the plugin within our themes as a cross promotion between our companies because we believe it is a fantastic plugin, and it is a benefit to our customers. Thanks for your understanding.

    • I don’t see this issue on your contact form. However, even if I did see the issue it would be a question for Gravity Forms support.

    • Hi Vikram,

      If you require help with Gravity Forms, I recommend contacting either the developer of the theme you are using, or Gravity Forms themselves.


    • It depends on the theme, so if ‘yes’ doesn’t work, try ‘no’, and vice versa.


  5. Hi, please can you tell me the level of Gravity Forms subscription I would need to get the same functionality as your demo…?

    • Hi Matthew,

      If you are planning on only using the form on one site, you would just need the personal license in order to replicate what we have in the demo sites.

      Thank you!

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