Modal Box

Modal Boxes can be used for messages, advertising, donations, shopping carts and more. Below are example of buttons that open a modal box using the provided shortcode within the Magazine Theme.

[modal align="left" size="small" color="blue" title="Modal Box Example" tag="modal-1"]...[/modal] [modal align="left" size="medium" color="green" title="Modal Box Example" tag="modal-2"]...[/modal] [modal align="left" size="large" color="yellow" title="Modal Box Example" tag="modal-3"]...[/modal]

[modal align="center" size="small" color="cyan" title="Modal Box Example" tag="modal-4"]...[/modal] [modal align="center" size="medium" color="pink" title="Modal Box Example" tag="modal-5"]...[/modal] [modal align="center" size="large" color="orange" title="Modal Box Example" tag="modal-6"]...[/modal]

[modal align="right" size="small" color="white" title="Modal Box Example" tag="modal-7"]...[/modal] [modal align="right" size="medium" color="red" title="Modal Box Example" tag="modal-8"]...[/modal] [modal align="right" size="large" color="black" title="Modal Box Example" tag="modal-9"]...[/modal]

Example Text Widget

This is an example text widget. You can add text and/or HTML to a text widget — displaying images, links, video and more. It's a very handy little widget. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi facilisis sagittis diam, non molestie ligula posuere vitae. Vivamus ultrices magna a enim gravida vulputate.