Bar Ratings

Bar Ratings can be used for skills, ratings and more. The Magazine Theme includes a shortcode for displaying bar ratings as seen below. The rating uses a scale from 1-100.

[rating title=”I’m Awesome At This” number=”100″/]
[rating title=”I’m Really Good At This” number=”90″/]
[rating title=”I’m Pretty Good At This” number=”75″/]
[rating title=”I Know My Way Around” number=”50″/]
[rating title=”Got Some Learning To Do” number=”30″/]
[rating title=”I Suck At This” number=”10″/]

[rating title="I'm Halfway" number="50"/]

Example Text Widget

This is an example text widget. You can add text and/or HTML to a text widget — displaying images, links, video and more. It's a very handy little widget. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi facilisis sagittis diam, non molestie ligula posuere vitae. Vivamus ultrices magna a enim gravida vulputate.