Reference: Adding Widgets

WordPress offers a variety of default widgets such as Search, Recent Posts, Links, Calendar, etc. These widgets can be added to your Organic Themes sidebar and other “widgetized” sections of your theme. Various plugins can be installed within WordPress to provide additional widgets.

Drag and drop the available widgets in to the widgetized sections. *Widgetized sections vary per theme.

Navigate to the Appearance > Widgets section within the WordPress administration. Drag and drop your desired widgets in to the sidebar or widgetized section of your choosing. After dragging and dropping the widget, configure and save the widget settings.

Reference: Featured Images

Organic Themes utilize the WordPress Featured Image functionality to display post and page thumbnails throughout your site. Below, you’ll find instructions for adding Featured Images:WordPress Featured Image Option

  1. Within the post or page editor of the WordPress admin, scroll down to the “Featured Image” section in the right column. If for some reason it’s not visible, make sure you have “Featured Images” option checked within your WordPress Screen Options.
  2. Click the “Set Featured Image” option, and the WordPress Media Library will pop up.
  3. Upload an image from your computer.
  4. Select the image. A blue check mark should be visible over the image.
  5. Click the blue “Select” button.
  6. Update or Publish your page or post.
  7. Your post should look similar to the example image when a featured image is added correctly. The images will automatically scale to fit the desired section.

Note: Featured Images are automatically cropped to fit their locations in the theme. Images are cropped towards the middle. As a result, this may give an undesirable effect if the focus on the image is not in the center. For ideal results, it’s recommended that images are cropped to size before hand. The sizes of Featured Images are defined in the functions.php file of the theme.

How To: Change The Background Color

Organic Themes allows for the changing of the background color and image within all of our themes.

Choose to upload a background image or select a color of your choosing.

Navigate to the Appearance > Background section within the WordPress administration. You can then choose to upload a background image of your choosing, or change the background color. Save the settings when you have completed your changes. There is the option to restore the background to its default should you be unhappy with your changes.