How To: Add A Content Slideshow Section To A WordPress Page

The Organic Content Slideshow Widget displays a section of posts with featured images and excerpts in the form of a slideshow.

Within the widget options you can choose the slideshow transition style (fade or slide), and choose the number of posts you want to display in your slideshow. Slides have arrows to skip forward or backward, but will change automatically. You can also customize the transition time between each slide.

After installing and activating the Organic Customizer Widgets plugin:

  1. Apply Organic Custom page template to selected page.
  2. Update or Publish the page.
  3. Click the Customize Page button.
  4. Click the + Add A Widget button.
  5. Select the Organic Content Slideshow widget.
  6. Complete all fields (select Post Category, Slide Interval, Transition Style, Max Number Of Posts).
  7. Optionally add a background image or color.

*Tip: If you want all your slides to be the same size, don’t forget to equally resize and edit all of the featured images for you posts in a photo editing program.

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