The New Showcase and Verbage Themes!

The Showcase Theme

We’ve changed our Simple Portfolio Theme to the Showcase Theme, but the name isn’t the only thing we changed. While the theme maintains a similar layout and design as previous versions, we cleaned up the appearance, code, added a new featured content slider, Twitter feed, numbered pagination and the Options Framework. The logo and sidebar now remain fixed to top left, while the rest of the content scrolls — making the navigation always available for a clean user experience.

Don’t take my word for it, check out the updated theme demo.

The Verbage Theme v2

We’re very excited to announce the latest update for the Verbage Theme. Not only because of the awesome new design, but some amazing new features that make this update particularly sweet. The first is the mobile media query. View the theme demo on your iPhone or iPad for a different, but equally awesome experience. We have added media queries to the theme so that the design will change to a more mobile friendly layout when viewed on a mobile device.

Next, the Verbage Theme now contains a considerable amount of customization options — including the ability to change the links and highlight colors, as well as the option to change the header background color in addition to the full site background. There are multiple display options, so you can choose to hide or display the various sections on the home page.

If that wasn’t enough, the updated theme now boasts a new featured content fader, numbered pagination, featured banner images for pages, video capabilities, the Options Framework and much more.

The Bold Theme 3

The Bold Theme is the latest of our themes to receive a major update to the design, functionality and features. Check out the updated demo here. Rather than retire the theme, we have breathed new life in to it. Previously, the Bold Theme couldn’t decide what kind of theme it wanted to be. It was more of a general purpose theme. With the latest update, we have redefined the Bold Theme as a video theme. The large content slider is now ideal for showcasing HD video, and the theme is a perfect solution for vloggers, animators and videographers. In addition to redefining the theme’s purpose, we have added several other new features:

New Magazine Theme 3

We have made major improvements to our Magazine Theme! Check out the demo here. The Magazine Theme is the most recent of our older themes to receive a facelift. We have cleaned up the design, styling and code considerably while also adding many new features. We have structured the new Magazine Theme to play nicely with the popular BuddyPress plugin, so a new level of community features can be integrated with ease. This version of the theme is sure to be a hit with online magazines, businesses and communities. Many other new features include:

The New Studio Theme

We’re excited to announce the release of a new theme, the Studio Theme. You can view the demo here. Our latest addition to the theme collection was created to not have the initial appearance of a WordPress theme. As a designer, the only issue I have with WordPress themes is that most of them are instantly identifiable as a WordPress theme. Whether it’s an obvious blog layout, overwhelming amounts of content, a long horizontally scrolling home page or what I have dubbed “layer cake” design, most WordPress themes have a distinct appearance that is saturating the internet. The Studio Theme provides something different.

NonProfit Theme Major Update

In our effort to revitalize many of our older themes, the NonProfit Theme is the latest to receive a heavy dose of awesome new features and a fresh new design. Version 3.0 is a great improvement over older versions of theme. Check out the demo and see the changes for yourself. It offers a layout similar to earlier versions of the theme, but with the addition of a new featured content slider, featured video functionality, a new jQuery tabber, featured banner images for pages and more. It’s guaranteed to be a fantastic website solution for non-profit organizations and eco-minded businesses.

WordPress Theme Tutorials

Organic Themes is excited to announce the new WordPress Tutorials section of our site! We have introduced these tutorials to help our customers regarding the basic usage of the WordPress platform and our themes. We’re confident they will prove quite useful to newcomers to the platform, and we plan to continue adding more tutorials to this section in the future.

The WordPress tutorials currently cover a variety of topics such as Custom Menu Management, Changing Your Favicon, Using Featured Images, Changing The Logo and more. Feel free to let us know of any more tutorials you would like to see added to this section.

If you have more specific questions related to the usage of your Organic Theme, don’t forget to refer to the theme documentation and support forums.

Structure Theme Updates

Organic Themes has updated our popular Structure Theme with new features. Version 2.1 includes a new featured content slider — capable of displaying images or video. Video can be added to the slider by pasting the embed code within the Featured Video field of the post editor. In addition, there are new portfolio page templates, video display functionality was added to the home page blog and category pages and minor style updates were made to the theme.

WordPress 3.1 And Organic Themes

In case you haven’t heard the big news, WordPress 3.1 was released earlier this week. The latest update for the greatest website management platform is packed with new features. We are particularly excited about the new Post Formats. We are proud to say that we have tested all of our themes with WordPress 3.1 without any issues.

Organic Themes are fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

We encourage everybody to upgrade their WordPress platform. However, you should be aware that while our themes are compatible with WordPress 3.1, that doesn’t mean the plugins you are using are fully compatible. If you experience any issues after your upgrade, try deactivating your plugins to isolate the issue.