Introducing The Shop Theme

In case you haven’t heard the news, we released our first eCommerce WordPress theme, the Shop Theme! Check out the demo to see the theme in action. The Shop Theme is compatible with either the Jigoshop or WooCommerce plugins — both of which are free and simple to use. The design is clean and modern, and can easily be adapted to match any brand or product. The theme also features a responsive layout for mobile phones, so your shop will be more accessible for mobile customers. In addition, there is a full width shop page template, color change options, Gravity Forms styling and much more! The Shop Theme is an excellent, cost effective solution for selling products online. Start selling today!

The Block Theme 3 Update

During the busy holiday season we forgot to inform our awesome customers about the latest version of the Block Theme. You can view the updated demo here. We have made several improvements to the theme including the ability to change link and highlight colors within the Options Framework. The new slider is capable of displaying video and features a thumbnail image navigation. In addition, the Block Theme has the option to display a horizontal or vertical navigation menu. The layout was tightened up even more — retaining its unique pixel perfect appearance. If you’re looking for a theme that stands apart from traditional theme layouts, look no further than the Block Theme. Additional features include:

10 Essential Plugins

A collection of essential WordPress plugins.

As a WordPress theme designer and developer, I am constantly creating, testing and using themes. Along the way, I’ve gathered a collection of essential plugins that I consistently use myself or recommend.

Before sharing, I urge users not to install more plugins than they need, and delete the plugins they are not using. This will generally increase your site’s performance and save space on your server. I’ve logged in to several customer and client sites to find up to 100 plugins installed. This is a recipe for disaster, particularly if some of the plugins haven’t been updated for years — 20 SEO plugins don’t make your site any more search engine optimized than having 3 SEO plugins. There’s no need to go plugin crazy. Use only what you need.

The New Business Theme

The latest theme added to our repertoire is the Business Theme. Check out the demo here. The theme features a clean, corporate and responsive design perfect for companies that are seeking a beautiful option for both the web and mobile devices. In addition to many of our standard page templates, the Business Theme also includes a page template for posting jobs, and an RSS news page template. The theme contains several color options — the header, background, link and highlight colors can easily be changed to match your brand. The Business Theme is a solid foundation to build your company website upon.

We’re so excited about this theme, we even decided to use it for our company, Invulu, Inc.

Complete Theme Localization

All of our themes have been localized!

Organic Themes is excited to announce the localization of all our themes. Meaning, the themes have been updated to include files for translation to languages other than English. While our themes previously contained the groundwork for localization, they were only partially prepared for translation. Now, translating our themes is a relatively simple process.

Translating the theme to a different language can be accomplished by editing the .po and .mo files included within the theme folder. You can begin the process by following these steps:

The Restaurant Theme 3 Update

It’s time to announce another major theme update. The Restaurant Theme is the latest in our collection to be spiced up. Check out the updated demo here. Like the Natural Theme, we have condensed the 3 previous color variations in to one super theme with several color choices available in the new Options Framework. We have updated the food menu page template and custom post type, and given the design a major update. The new Restaurant Theme is more delicious than ever. Check out some of the additional features:

The Natural Theme 2

The Natural Theme has received a heavy dose of awesomeness to the design, functionality and theme features. Check out the updated demo here. Rather than having 3 separate color variations as in previous versions of the theme, we have condensed the variations in to one super theme — containing background and color choices within the new Options Framework. In addition, the design has been perfected, a new featured post section has been added to the homepage, the content slider has been updated and much more. The Natural Theme is an excellent solution for businesses working in or around the environment. The theme also makes a great blog, portfolio or storefront. Check out some additional features included with the latest update:

The New Showcase and Verbage Themes!

The Showcase Theme

We’ve changed our Simple Portfolio Theme to the Showcase Theme, but the name isn’t the only thing we changed. While the theme maintains a similar layout and design as previous versions, we cleaned up the appearance, code, added a new featured content slider, Twitter feed, numbered pagination and the Options Framework. The logo and sidebar now remain fixed to top left, while the rest of the content scrolls — making the navigation always available for a clean user experience.

Don’t take my word for it, check out the updated theme demo.

The Verbage Theme v2

We’re very excited to announce the latest update for the Verbage Theme. Not only because of the awesome new design, but some amazing new features that make this update particularly sweet. The first is the mobile media query. View the theme demo on your iPhone or iPad for a different, but equally awesome experience. We have added media queries to the theme so that the design will change to a more mobile friendly layout when viewed on a mobile device.

Next, the Verbage Theme now contains a considerable amount of customization options — including the ability to change the links and highlight colors, as well as the option to change the header background color in addition to the full site background. There are multiple display options, so you can choose to hide or display the various sections on the home page.

If that wasn’t enough, the updated theme now boasts a new featured content fader, numbered pagination, featured banner images for pages, video capabilities, the Options Framework and much more.

The Bold Theme 3

The Bold Theme is the latest of our themes to receive a major update to the design, functionality and features. Check out the updated demo here. Rather than retire the theme, we have breathed new life in to it. Previously, the Bold Theme couldn’t decide what kind of theme it wanted to be. It was more of a general purpose theme. With the latest update, we have redefined the Bold Theme as a video theme. The large content slider is now ideal for showcasing HD video, and the theme is a perfect solution for vloggers, animators and videographers. In addition to redefining the theme’s purpose, we have added several other new features: