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Showcase Theme


A portfolio with style! Showcase is a sleek solution for artists, designers, photographers, animators and more.

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Response Theme


The beginning of an era. Response marked our first fully responsive grid and laid the groundwork for future themes.

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The New and Improved Organic Themes Site

Our customers deserve better, more cohesive solutions from the Organic Themes brand. The old ways of managing support and product fulfillment just wasn’t cutting it any more. The web is such a fast evolving environment, solutions that were once industry standard in 2009 have become archaic at the end of 2012. As a result, we have been working tirelessly over the past several months to…

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Structure Theme


Structure is a minimally designed, strong foundation for any WordPress project. It’s among our most popular themes.

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Fresh Blog


Fresh is developed to be the ultimate minimal blogging theme — featuring a sleek design and simple setup.

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Studio Theme


The un-WordPress theme. Studio was designed to not look like the majority of WordPress themes on the market.

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Bold Theme


An alternative, sexy theme. It’s the theme with a nose ring and sleeve tattoo. Bold is designed to grab your attention.

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Portfolio Theme


A professional solution for displaying artwork. The minimal design focuses the viewers attention on the content.

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Block Theme


Block offers a stylish, more unique layout than most our themes. It’s for people that want to be a little different.

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